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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I was extremely underwhelmed. Maybe my expectations were set too high, but it didn't really deliver on anything. The battle scenes were fine but nothing really special, there weren't really any great character moments, none of the deaths were all that impactful, and yet another battle that's lost until the very end when someone/thing comes out of nowhere to save the day. And Melisandre is heroic all of sudden? At the very end I was thinking maybe they save the episode by having the Night King actually kill Bran and leave or something like that, but no.

    I don't think it was a bad 82 minutes or anything, but it didn't come anywhere close to my expectations of some historic memorable episode like we got last week.
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  • 805 - The Bells

    A lot of people seem to be misunderstanding why the genocide wasn't in Dany's character or set up at all. There's been zero setup to suggest that Dany would be capable of murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent surrendering people after she'd decisively won the battle. She decided to murder everyone and everything right when she achieved everything she'd been working towards.

    It would have been so easy to make it all make sense and work too. All they had to do was have the battle not going in her favour and she decides she has to wake the dragon to win and then can't shut it off. That would make sense. The way they did it makes her just acting crazy because she's crazy. It would have even been better if the episode had just opened to dragon genocide immediately after the Missandei death.
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  • Worst Character In Cinema Ever?

    Sorry to end the thread now, but it's Jar Jar Binks. There are no other answers. He is the worst character by any metric.
  • petition to rewrite Season 8 has gotten 300,000 signatures in 20 hours!

    If you look at the current state of movies, tv, and video games, it's pretty clear that they're out of original ideas and just looking to remake everything. Why wait? Just start the Song of Ice and Fire remake next year and maybe George will be done book six by the time they get to season six this time.
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  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    Oh no! You messed up the title. A God Walks into Abar!
  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    Ok I’ll need some clarification. Why exactly did DM choose Angela of all people in the world? Completely random? 
    Or did it need to be her to get everything set in motion for the things to come? Like doctor strange in the avengers. 
    It's impossible to really get any clarification with Dr. Manhattan. The answer to every question is because that's the way it happened.

    He's both the most powerful and the most inconsequential being in the universe at the same time 
  • 109 - See How They Fly - Spoilers

    JaimieT said:
    I've always understood the point of Doctor Manhattan in the comic to be a commentary on power as destructive and nothing we should fixate on, a criticism of other comic book heroes and our obsession with them.
    Isn't that more or less the same thing the show was saying? Look at everyone who was fixated on his power.
  • 410 - Gone

    Blanch said:
    While I wish the Dom/Darlene connection would have been played up more, I liked this episode for what it was. It wrapped up Dom's story and while yeah Darlene was a bitch for ditching her, I think a solo trip to Budapest might be exactly what Dom needed

    It makes sense for Darlene's character who has been known to be a flake. She chooses to stay for Elliot. I thought this was a nice way to have some feels before the big showdown between WR and All the Elliot's.

    Nice to see Ivr too!
    Were you background watching the episode? You completely missed what was going on. Darlene was not being a bitch and didn't ditch anyone. Dom ditched her, which led to Darlene having an anxiety attack of being by herself in Budapest. She overcame her anxiety attack and realized she was going to have to deal with her personal shit. She didn't stay for Elliot, and she knew going to Budapest alone didn't make any sense. She also had no idea Dom got on the plane.

    I think it's all a moot point anyway. Having Irving coincidentally be signing books at the terminal they were flying out of would be hack writing, as would the Dark Army forgetting about them. Esmail isn't usually a hack. They're still in the Dark Army's pocket and they know exactly how to find them.
  • NBA 2021 Thread

    Wow, Houston sure cleaned up. The way they're currently constructed, they're going to be just as competitive with Oladpido as they were with Harden. Plus they'll have a billion dollars in cap space after this year if Olapido leaves. Plus oodles of first-round picks from a team that's going to implode by March. I'm going to assume the pick switches are Houston's choice, which is also amazing.

    Not bad for a team that was going nowhere.
  • Started watching Ozark

    I think Ozark is great and Bateman and Linney are very good, but it's still a crime that they got Emmy noms over Odenkirk and Seehorn. I actually thought Linney was great in season three but nowhere close to what Rhea Seehorn did. All Bateman does is keep a calm exterior while still making it obvious his mind is going a thousand miles a minute. He does it well, but it's all he does.