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  • Protests Across the America

    Ben said:
    Freddy said:
    From my local protests:
    Is that a mounted machine gun!? is that even legal?
    That is a bike rack. 
  • Halloween 2020

    We FINALLY got our outside decorations up. 
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    Which products? I have a cat and would be happy to support you and your company. I just bought a new water fountain bowl and soon need to restock on pet food. Except for gardening stuff I'm not really buying anything else right now.
    Teresa, I work for PetSafe.  We have lots of cat focused products.  I know you said you have a fountain, but we make some pretty fountains, feeders and we have a scoop free litter box that is our best product for cats IMO.  We have several laser toys and conventional cat toys as well.  

    We have 3 cats and I have a lot of my company's products in my house for the cats and my dog.  I like the auto feeder as well.  It makes life a lot easier as it will hold about 2 weeks of food and it has an app you can feed your pets on demand. 

    It's a company started and based in Knoxville and it is a medium to large employer in my area.  Our founder is the President of UT Knoxville now so we have deep local roots and we are the company that sponsors many of the Dog parks that are all over the country now. 


    All of these products are on Amazon, but you can buy straight from PetSafe.   Look on here and if you are interested let me know as I can probably help with pricing.  If you or anyone else is let me know and you all can email me. 

    I wasn't trying to turn this into an ad, but I do love the company I work for and I think we help a lot of people and pets. 
    Teresa from ConcordMarciGiovanni
  • Loki

    This was the first episode I really enjoyed.  I love Hiddleston and Wilson, but the rest of the actors and the story has been "meh" for me. 

    I'm not 100% sure how to hide spoilers on here, but run if I didn't format it correctly.

    I really enjoyed the Alligator Loki and the kid Loki.  Good mix up of the kid loki from the comics a while back and King Candy from Shazam (I know . . . but it is a thing). 

    Who actually caught Frog Thor on the first go around?  I did, but I was actively looking for easter eggs based on where they were.  

    Classic Loki's costume was legit.  

    I just wish I cared about Enchantress/Female Loki.  She just doesn't excite me, the guard lady from Lovecraft Country is more interesting to me, but whatever.

    I do wish they would quit C-teasing and just get to Kang being the big bad.  I mean anyone that's read avengers for a bit should see that coming miles and miles away. Or they may use Immortus, but that's the same damn character anyhow.

    However, this is the best TV show they have put together yet.  I just worry for the others moving forward as Hiddleston is one of their best actors.

    This was the first episode I really enjoyed.  I love Hiddleston and Wilson, but the rest of the actors and the story has been "meh" for me. 

    I'm not 100% sure how to hide spoilers on here, but run if I didn't format it correctly.

  • Loki

    cdrive said:
    Oh man that was the best! We’re on Pacific time momentarily so we stayed up to midnight to watch the finale with our 9 yr old who got into Loki midway with us.  

    Comment that is probably a spoiler:

    I really loved what Jonathan Majors did with that role of “He Who Remains.” He took it and went all the way.
    I liked how so much of the finale’s runtime was dedicated to a Mexican stand off with a philosophical dilemma, and Majors just really convincing the audience how insane he is yet how logical he is.  It was like they were playing chess with Death a la The Seventh Seal.  I loved the stinger that there will be a Season 2.  I don’t know if that was already known but it was news to me.  This is my favorite thing MCU has put out since Endgame.

    Still not sure how to hide stuff, but spoilers.

    Spoilers . . . .

    Here it comes . . .

    I wish they hadn't danced around the main bad guy reveal for so long. Anyone that's read a lot of Marvel time travel stories saw this coming a mile away.

    I don't think most people were expecting this version of the bad guy to be Immortus, but it makes sense as they get their cake and eat it too.  He's a future version of Kang when he's not so bent on conquest.

    It would have been cool to actually see Kang come in and wreck Immortus' castle, but whatever.

    He'll be the main bad guy of this phase.  I'd rather see the main characters face Kang, but by using him they open the door to recasting Cap and Iron man and brining in the X-Men pretty easily.

  • SONY Edges MARVEL Out of Future SPIDER-MAN Movies - Report

    Hatorian said:
    It’s very simple. If you own the IP you bet on yourself. I would put all my savings on the line saying even the worst Spider-Man movie hasn’t lost money. There’s no reason to give it up. And there’s no reason not to risk betting you can make a billion dollar movie and get 100% profit than handing it over to someone else and only getting 50% of that profit. 
    Correct, here is the thing. I'm sure this will all get worked out and Disney is going to have to settle for not getting exactly what they want in a deal for once.

    Or they can give it a go w/o a major tentpole hero to build their other characters around until they get the X-Men going.

    I am very sure this will all get settled and frankly, it's not a bad thing that Disney isn't in complete control of everything.