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  • 805 - The Bells

    I just dont get how ppl are ok with how flat the arc has been.  6 ep wasnt enough and it shows. Euron shows up to basically do nothing. Golden company same. All the sudden dragon fire just becomes nuke fire that crushes and explodes? But the night king can absorb it and dies to arya.. which was ok and all. But hes a little op then and dies easily.

    Somehow danny can fly directly into fire of arrows and is much better than last time by like overnight becoming ace pilot. Its really not her fault.. its just shallow. Aryas whole plot this ep waste just a plain waste.

    The death of cercei and jaime i guess is ok... but again just short and shallow. 

    I get its expensive to film, but its not like ppl wouldnt have watched 13ep.

    Maybe the DDs just wanted to get it over with..

    They found out GRRM really atarted cutting corners and the plot just falls off a cliff. And they said f it we just gotta gtfo.

    This whole season. Just flat af. Filmed well. Looks great. Some great moments. But thats not gonna cover the zero arc story.

    Wtf the bran has nething at all to do in this series...idk. unless they fucking pull some insane time warp bran made danny do it. He basically has one moment with hodor and thats it. 

    I liked it from a stand alone each ep is a story point. The eps just dont have much building or  ombined value this season. And this being the final season makes the entire series just super flat plot wise.
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Serious questions here:

    When the roof caves in to kill cercei and jaime ep5.. how can you show an almost intact room where a few spots of ceiling fell and taking a few steps to the side would have saved thier lives?

    When the dothraki run into the night and get slaughtered and the unsullied take heavy losses.. how are there a massive amount in ep6?

    When all is said and done, the dothraki are in westeros, they surely will not be manning thier own boats back home. Thus a formidable army whos goal is only to pillage and plunder is left without a ruler at your doorstep with no where else to go... oops?

    Lastly the entire 3 eyed raven plot, from the original 3 eyed raven to bran is entirely about ruling the 6 kingdoms? Seems like a massive we ran out of time and or guidance or w.e retcon. Either by the show runners or grrm..
  • 805 - The Bells

    Also im not here to be a negative piler.

    Actually i was hoping to find something to help me be ok with this ep, and by extension this season.

    Like did we get enough? From ep1 till now do ppl really feel like some of the major arcs came 100% to completion?

    Isnt this show and thus this fandom about every detail and thread and im wondering is there something i missed?

    Danny is easily the most complete line atm. 
    But i feel like we went from 2000 thread cpunt stories to 300 thread count used hotel linens real fast.

    Ill take one of the largly solid parts of this ep.
    Clegain bowl. Pretty good. 

    Lets try a comparrison.. the fight with oberyn and the mountain... better or worse than the clegain bowl?

    Imo oberyn v mountain was alot better and it shouldnt have been.

    This fight, was it ep 804 worthy? Really? Second to last ep worthy?  Even if it was, how does the rest of the plot compare?

    Is it ok that the hound v the mountain ends up being the most complete plot line of the series?

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  • Season 3 in 2020

    So this show goes from theater of the mind and asking alot of existential questions in s1.

    To a imo complete shit show in s2.

    And s3 looks like a blade runner reboot?
    Aaron paul is nice. But im def throne for a loop here.. this seems like a massive turn of course to start telling some guys story of means and misgivings and then he turns his life around..

    Wtf does this have to do with WW and do i want to invest what will surely be an entire season of bridge building and retconing?