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  • 701 - Election Night

    I wasn't sure - brother/sister or lovers.  Leaning brother/sister.
    Given this is AHS, I am expecting both!!

    I'm really glad Bald Move will be covering this show again! It's one of my favorites, even when it's not so good. Just some of thoughts about this first ep...

    Was Winter's work on the Hillary campaign a reason Hillary lost (in AHS world)?

    Mr. Chang (the city council president/Ally's neighbor) said what many of us in the "liberal bubble" wish we could say to the radical Trump supporters/white nationalists. I, too, am tired of Internet trolls fucking with people's lives for the lols and to create chaos and gain power. Unfortunately, it didn't end well for Mr. Chang...

    Old-school scary movie vibes, especially in the grocery store. I 100% would have been turning my ass around and leaving the deserted store when the grocery store clerk leered at me while putting on a Trump hat. And why you did keep picking up the rosés, Ally? That's my wine of choice!

    Is Ally hallucinating or are the clowns all real? Could it be a supernatural thing -- maybe they transmit their spirits while a cult trance or something? 

    Is Ivy involved in the cult? Does she have something to do with the clowns?

    Winter questioned Oz about his bio-dad. Maybe the sperm donor was involved in the cult and the cult is trying to kidnap Oz back? Or, if Ivy is involved with the cult, she made some deal with the devil to get pregnant? I also haaaated the dark web scenes, poor baby Oz! He's too little for that shit. I hope the actor was seeing a blank screen when they recorded that, I always worry about the child actors in scary movies.

    Is Billy Eichner going to scream at everybody like he does in the other roles I've seen him in before? Was he in this episode? I didn't notice if so, maybe he's a clown?