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  • Congratulations Cecily and Baldmove!!!

    Big day for the bald move empire and I for one am very excited! It’ll be great to have a woman’s perspective on issues and you’re good at the podcast thing. Even though I’m a major wimp when it comes to horror, I do enjoy and even try some of the less gore porn Halloween movies you suggest and review. It enhances the holiday a bit. 

    As I’m thinking selfishly of how a third employee of BM will improve the user experience, I’d love to know if you have any experience with Legion and what are your thoughts on Walking Dead? 

    Legion is just a fantastic show and not covered much out there in terms of
    podcasts. It also doesn’t get a lot of viewers, but ARon, Jim and podcastica guy covered season 1 and it was awesome. What Noah Harley is doing artistically is amazing on that show. 

    Walking Dead was a cash cow for BM getting to be #2 in downloads. And that was when it was an utter shitshow. This last season has redeemed itself and Kang is putting a pretty good product out there. It still has a large following and would probably claim #2 the first week. I like the show but I also want baldmove to grow and do well and make ya’ll all rich. So eventually there will be 10 people working there!
    Congratulations again and I’m ready to see where this chapter of BM goes!

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  • FB Live Now- Baldmove on Local ABC channel talking GOT

    not sure if it’s been mentioned but bm going big time. 
  • 305 - If You Have Ghosts

    Not sure how to @Jim and @A.Ron but listening to the pod you mentioned that Woodard wasn't in the Ep 4 ghost scene, but IMO he was. A lot of people on Reddit said it wasn't him because it didn't match his face, but after this episode I believe it was. It was a brief appearance early in the scene. 

  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    I saw Rick Pitino betting on something while I was watching some games at the MGM Grand Sports betting area. I was thinking to myself, surely that isn’t allowed, but he wasn’t trying to hide so I guess it is.
  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    Man, that sucks it didn’t work out. Thanks for being candid bc I find ya’ll navigating the business interesting. I was happy for ya’ll when you talked about the opportunity over lunch long ago and could tell you both were excited, so sorry it didn’t work out. 

    While I didn’t partake in the R&M coverage, I personally find it hard to keep up with all your other coverage! His Dark, Watchmen, Legion, Stranger Things, Lunches, Reheated Lunches, the Fantasy Movie Spectacular, the Holiday special (which I’m still Working through) have me focusing on BM podcasts over all the others.

    Also, I’m very happy with the new perspectives and additional coverage done by Cecily and Alexis. So a very happy customer here and getting a lot more than $5 a months worth. Very excited to see what BM 2020 has in store.

  • His Dark Materials

    I loved the pod! Listened to it as soon as it dropped on website. For being hesitant about podcasting Alexis is killing it. The “name beef” segment had me rolling! The way you sarcastically said Cecily and then Alexis says I can’t even pronounce funny and can def relate! My folks nick named me Rusty! Am I a dog?! Cause for the first 6 years of my life I thought I was...I also like how y’all skim the top of spoilers but don’t reveal too much. 
  • Walking Dead 10C schedule to air 2/28

    Didn’t see a thread for the new episode but I liked it. I’m more of a Maggie fan than a Carol fan, so Daryl and Maggie moments made me feel similar to the way ARon feels when Carol and Daryl reconnect. And I like what they are doing with Negan, bc I’m actually torn with that situation. The new bad guy seems kinda rushed though, but interesting.