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  • 707 - "Sing Me a Song"

    All I know is I'm way more terrified Jim and A Ron are going to quit the show than I am of Negan
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  • Walking Dead - 701: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

    Hmmmm....I'm late. Didn't get to watch on Sunday.

    Not sure what to even say.  It was "good".  Argh

    I do think it was a bit much with the violence and I've watched every episode of this show at least twice.  There is something qualitatively different about a gross zombie or a quick cut of Herschel's head and watching two characters you like literally have their skulls smashed to bits.

    And what's interesting is I still don't think they understand horror or tension in a way.  Cause let's be honest.  The most horrifying thing in all of that was Carl's arm and not a drop of blood was spilled.  
    Just saying....

  • 616 - Last Day on Earth


    "I am torn between Bald Move not covering next season due to it being a waste of time, or wanting to listen to them (and not watch the show) for my own entertainment. I think if it's as bad as this was your time might be better spent elsewhere...."

    omg, omg,omg!!!!  Shhhhhhhhh....Don't say such things...LOL

    You're a better person than me!  I'm not torn at all.  I want everyone to ride the roller coaster and suffer through it with me!!!
  • IDEA: Bald Give Aways of Memorabilia

    I might get people pissed at me for this, but I'm going to say it anyway-

    I honestly can't believe that people would want MORE for the premium membership.  

    There are some people out there who have genuine financial concerns they were taking into consideration when they signed up for premium-I'm not talking to you folks.  

    But to the rest of you...Really?  

    I think of it this way-I listen to one podcast, with ads cause I'm lazy as shit about figuring stuff out, and I go on the forums and that is it.  Each podcast is about two hours long, same as a movie, which would cost me, what 8 bucks?  So really at the very least I should be paying at least roughly 120 bucks a year-if I think of it in terms of entertainment value, but then sometimes I don't like movies, but I always like the podcast, so maybe it should be even more.

    Then I factor in the times they have made me laugh my ass off (priceless) and the fact that this stuff doesn't just create itself.  Then I factor in the equipment they need to keep working, the website they have to keep up and running, the 7 gazillion emails they have to read each week, the forums to monitor and interact on....etc. etc. etc.  At the end of all that, I know I should be paying more than they are asking for.  

    Its one thing when you're in the mode of pseudo sticking it to the man or just trying to get a bang for your buck like with Netflix or whatever, but those are huge corporations.  

    This is two guys putting out a ridiculously enjoyable, well thought out product and I for one think I should pay for that.  And I'm suggesting that anyone else who can afford it should do some similar kind of calculus when they are deciding what to pay.  

    When people say things like "I'd pay fifty bucks a year if it included a commissioned cast", I just don't get it.  One-it leads me to believe the person has the money and could afford more, but is just looking to get "a bigger bang for their buck"  And two- do the math.  A commissioned cast takes lets see...two hours to watch the movie.  And then what?  At LEAST two hours to put together a podcast about it, though I'm guessing its probably close to four hours.  So least possible amount of time watching and casting-4 hours.  So that would be roughly $12.50 an hour, but you need to divide it by two-so it is really suggesting that Jim and A. Ron do something special for you that you are willing to pay them each $6.25 an hour for.  Argh.

    Okay-well enough of my ranting.  I have probably pissed some people off (including Jim and A. Ron)  But I feel really strongly about this. I only mean to point out that there are many ways to look at this and to suggest that those of us who can afford more may want to at least attempt to pay a fair amount for the value we are getting.

  • The Bald Move Cookbook-recipes, ideas and questions about food.

    Okay-super tasty, healthy quick recipe I've been eating a lot lately.

    Sweet potatoes, baking potatoes and onions chopped up nice sized chunks. Then you toss them with  a heavy amount of olive oil, salt, pepper and a really good amount of smoked paprika (Badia brand is fine) roast in oven for about 45 minutes on 350.  I stir them around maybe once. Sometimes at about 25 minutes in I add some chopped up sweet pepper.  This is best when the veggies are a bit brown on the outside but not over cooked and dried out.

    Serve in a bowl with two fried eggs ( a little runny) on top.  I have no idea why this is so good. But I love it, its quick, healthy and the protein from the eggs is great. 

    As a side note, I have been roasting veggies like a lunatic lately.  I've been loving it, cause you chop, olive oil, spices and then you have 30-45 minutes while its cooking to do other stuff.

  • The Bald Move Cookbook-recipes, ideas and questions about food.

    @Travis Cauliflower!!!
  • 706 - "Swear"

    Oh my....

    Against my better judgment I'm going to chime in.  I saw what @Thomas said and cringed a little when I first saw it, but then I read it again and in all fairness he truly did seem to be commenting on the filming with the super fit looking people not being able to catch Tara.  In real life people can be juicy and still run super fast, but it bugged him.

    And I did the same thing sort of when I saw @TaraC73's "Fuck You".  I "know" her from here so I softened it in my head and read it as her laughingly saying "hey man-watch it".

    I am chiming in on this because after this last year and a half in our lovely country I have watched person after person vilify people they don't know, accuse people of shit they haven't done, and essentially act like anyone who doesn't agree with them is somehow evil or at the least ill intentioned. 

    We Americans have spent a year and half jumping all over each other's shit.  It is depressing, exhausting and likely far more of a problem for us as a Nation than any President will ever be.

    Okay.  I'm done.  I'm going to go back to being pissed that they acted like somehow Tara would be upset about her recent (what 2 months) love interest than her friend who saved her life and she has been living and fighting with since the Godddamn prison!!!!! Argh!!!!!


  • 716 - "The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life"


    Have a great break everyone!

    I've got nothing.  All I know is I hate the Garbage People for being annoying more than I do the Saviors for killing people.  Pretty sure that isn't what they were going for. 
  • TWD Article in LA Times-Really Good


    Sorry to hear that, only put it up cause I thought people might like it.  I thought it was well written and an interesting perspective.  I usually enjoy hearing other people's ideas.  I figure that if I only read and listen to stuff that I completely agree with then it all just sort of becomes like some weird feedback loop.  

    Enjoy tonite!!!