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  • Defending Jacob

    I for one really enjoyed the series, although I'm not sure they stuck the landing. I'm so tired of shows trying to be overly clever by jumping around in the timeline and deliberately trying to confuse you. This was easy to watch and follow and kept me interested all the way through. 
  • Dark (2017) - Spoilers and discussions

    A couple of notes on the podcast A.Ron did with Kim Renfro:

    The tunnels and the device used by Jonas and Claudia could only move you back or forward 33 years in time. However, the God Particle (big black blob) could take you anywhere you wanted to go, per Adam in Season 2. The mini time balls can also take you to any specific date, as well as to either world.

    Also, Kim erred in saying we didn't know who Katherina's father was. He was the guy who called Egon in Season 1 and showed him all the dead sheep. He had the same last name (Albers). 
  • THE BOYS Season 2 (Spoilers)

    Dee said:
    What’s everyone’s thoughts so far? I loved it - it’s just so fast paced that I never lose interest. 

    I don’t entirely love Aya Cash in it - she’s doing her usual schtick of Acerbic Millennial, just with superpowers and added racism. She’s basically a higher energy Aubrey Plaza and that’s not something I find appealing. 
    I like Aya Cash but I agree she seems to be playing a similar character to Gretchen in You're The Worst. But having not read the comic books, the ending of Episode Three had my jaw on the floor. Really took me by surprise.

    I'm liking it so far, as well as I liked the first season. Having just come off of Umbrella Academy's second season, though, I think I prefer UA. It doesn't take itself as seriously, has more humor and much MUCH better music! (Unless you're a huge Billy Joel fan, obviously.)