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  • [Spoiler] re: arya and bran’s training/abilities

    first time in the forums so still learning to navigate, sorry for the dry pie if it’s already been covered! Some people seem up in arms about Arya’s ability to kill the NK, but I think there’s a big part of her training they’re not giving enough weight: the game of faces. 

    The bulk of Bran’s powers seem rooted in his ability to catalog the past, and most of his predictive powers are likely the ability to mine that data for patterns and create webs of predictive possibility (excepting specific moments to go back and “influence the past”, I don’t think that his former self can be fully predictive of future events because events and timelines bifurcate and shift but there is space for debate). It doesn’t appear the Night King has any of the more direct access Bran could have to any level of this direct “future sight”; he cannot warg. But he has lived a very long time, and seems to have much of the same power set as Bran in terms of knowledge and access to predictive patterning. But is not omniscient, just very perceptive.

    Because, I don’t think he KNOWS what people are going to do before they do it, but rather senses behaviors through body language and other cues. He could defeat John and Theon thusly because he could literally see them coming a mile away (RIP buddy). He was even able to pluck our ninjababygurl midleap (if I’m right, probably based on something legible in even Bran’s deadass facial expressions or physical affect). But she’s been trained to deceive so fully by the game of faces, in every aspect of lying (mind, voice, body) that I feel like she was able to convincingly drop the knife like she was bested (John/Theon style) without giving ANY predictive physical cues for her next move. The Night King had nothing to read from our little no one, and couldn’t predict her actions like he could others’.

  • 308: Crisis Theory

    Missed opportunity to bring back the piano version “where is my mind” for final scene with Maeve and CaleB; already had major fight club vibes may as well go all in