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  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    i just want to say as a midwestern kid born in the early 80s like the guys I connect with them And their life experiences. I’d rather spend an hour with J&A than anyone in Hollywood. I love being a club member and helping the guys do what they love. I wish I could do the same and I hope they know that because they work so hard and so such an amazing job they get to have a job they love. You both deserve the job you have and I thank you for the culture and community you built. It’s an amazing accomplishment that the Bald Move community is probably the least toxic and least controversial group online. While we don’t always agree we have mutual respect and understanding. 

    I love being apart of the club and I love everyone here. I’ve never met any of you but I feel like I know a lot of you and feel like you’re a friend of mine. Whether it’s running a fantasy sports league with @Chinaski , @cdrive @awookiee @Noel  @MrX or playing D&D together online with @cretenbull @CapeGabe @Doctor_Nick @flukes @Alkaid13. Or playing board games online with @JaimieT. Or relating to being Australian with @Dee. Or talking with @Michelle @gguenot @pavlovsbell @JoshuaHeter @ken hale about the best TV shows. 

    All of you feel like my friends and no offense to anyone I missed. I really tried to include everyone I’ve spent tome talking with over the past 4 years. I didn’t exclude anyone on purpose. You all are important to me and I love being a part of this community and family. 
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  • 805 - The Bells

    I know this has been said by some others in this massive thread. But listening to the cast and the guys shitting on Jaime. 

    Maybe you guys were lucky. Maybe you never interacted with someone who had a toxic relationship that ended up ghosting you for them. 

    But to say it’s bullshit that Jaime would go back to Cersei and it ruins is character arc and it ruins the story they were telling is just not true. 

    Jaime is no different than millions of people who try to become better people but ultimately fall back into their love for someone who is abusive and toxic to them. It’s completely common to see people ruin and abandon great relationships just to go back to the person they love for no sane or legitimate reason. People do stupid things for love. And people ruin their lives for love. There is nothing about what Jaime did that is unreasonable or unbelievable . 

    Im Glad you guys haven’t experienced someone doing this to you. But to act like it doesn’t happen to people and it ruins the story is a bit too much. It most certainly happens and it sucks to see good people who have tried their best to help someone overcome a toxic relationship just to see them go back to it. 

    It’s actually a bit poetic that Jaime gave into this and it cost him is life. 
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  • When parents regret having their kids

    Terrible Twos of my second Son. My first was an angel and really never had any fits or tantrums at all so I always thought other parents over exaggerated the terrible twos. However I was wrong and the gods punished us for having it so easy the first time around. :)

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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

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  • Preroll and Postroll ads are the worst

    tom_g said:
    I may be weird - I don't mind the commercials, so, I've never joined the club.  I figure people like me give BaldMove a percentage of their demographic that can be 'sold' to advertisers.

    I have also given a few pre-paid store cards to the guys during the holiday seasons over the years, sometimes to the point that I could've joined the club.

    I guess my biggest loss is the premium content.
    you're also missing out on the VIP forum section where us Club members sip Cristal out of diamond encrusted glasses as we sneer, look down upon the free-folk and talk shit about all the non-members...we may or may not also have our own bohemian grove ceremony every year..its great! :)
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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Just found out my wife’s pregnant with number 3. Hoping for a little Princess Leia this time. 
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  • General Tomfoolery

    Just found an old book I wrote for elementary school while helping the old man clean out his house. 

    From New York Times Best Selling Author Hatorian

    critic reviews

    “Just bad”

    “Total rip-off”

    ”I cried….for his parents”

    ”the only horror here is the grammar”

    ”go back to school you hack”

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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Being alive. Not more than 3 hours after finishing some TTS with @Alkaid13 and @JoshTheBlack. We got hit by a tornado. Luckily no damage to us. It hit about a quarter mile from us. Our kids school is being used as shelter now and there like 4 copters in the sky goodfellas style. 

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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Happy birthday Noel!

    chi city my city. Staycation this weekend. Just finished some museums and fireworks with the family. They are knocking out and I’m trooping on

  • Ted Lasso

    IRL I’m totally