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  • We Need Your Help -- Video

    I'm so incredibly happy for you guys and on a day when some of us (yes me) are feeling a tad bit despondent due to current political events, this is an oasis in the desert.  

    I'm happy but I cannot say I'm surprised.  I remember the first time I stumbled across your dulcid tones.  I was looking for someway to extend my enjoyment of the final season of Breaking Bad and Breaking Good came up in a search.  I was immediately hooked by A_Ron's insight and obvious enthusiasm for the source material.  Jim, don't take it personally, but you had to grow on me for a while and while you still piss me off at times, I do enjoy your contribution.  From there it was a short jaunt to full on fan as I am now a consumer of 8 of your pods.  I've dabbled with others (don't hate me.  It was a confusing time), but none compare to what you guys put out.

    Your humor, intelligence, and relatibility are the ways in which you guys have bonded with your audience.   I think I speak for the majority of your listener base when I say I feel like you're my friends.  I would love to sit down and shoot it with you guys over some 15 year Dalmore (I'm buyin).  All this said to say you have a community of friends here wanting to support you and it should not surprise you to realize when the chips were down, we got your back.  

    Good luck and here's hoping for many years to come and hopefully some significant pay bumps to both of you.  You most definitely deserve it.  Cheers.
  • 703 - The Queen's Justice

    Can't wait to see the development in Dickons character
    So, is Dickon's character showing development or is Dickon growing as a character?

    Sorry I'm late!
    I think the actor is having a hard time getting up to fully explore the ins and outs of this cocksure character.  The main thrust of his performance so far has been wooden and I'm afraid he's going to blow it.

    I'll see myself out.
  • 2017 Emmy nominations

    I love Jonathan Banks and all, but there was nothing in his performance this year putting him in emmy territory; in fact, I would argue he was a small bit player this season.  This season's focus was on the Mcgill brothers.  How in the name of all that is holy do you not nominate Michael McKean?  Uggh this award.
  • 310 - "Somebody to Love"

    Mostly unsatisfied with the finale.  Way too many loose ends and questions for my taste:

    Why did Nikki send the info to the IRS if she was just planning on killing Varga and Emmit?  The IRS angle seemed to only serve as a plot device to get Gloria back on the case.  Ultimately it went nowhere if your CYOA ending had Varga's guy coming in.  Could have served to bring down President Roslin but nothing happened to her apparently.

    Of all the preplanning and scouting she did, why did Nikki choose a storage facility with some sweet hi-res CC tv cameras, or if said cameras were in place and you're planning an ambush, why were they not disabled?  

    The Ol' escape through the top of the elevator trick huh?  You know we know elevators don't have access panels on the ceiling, right?  Can we lose this tired troupe please?  Even if it did exist, where does Varga pick up his sweet American Ninja Warrior skills in order to shimmy himself up an elevator shaft in 15 seconds?  

    It's been talked about above but I'm with the people who see Emmit driving away in the car that initially broke down to be a plot hole.  Also, can't the Minnesota state troopers get together and lobby for some better uniforms?  Woof, those rust brown polyester jobs are quite the eyesore.

    How much shit must Gloria's kid get when his mom pulls the bus over lights and sirens to talk to him?  Where does she keep the popcicles?  She got some dc powered freezer in the cruiser?

    Of all the things I actually wanted to see happen in the finale, the one I was hoping most for was to see Chief Mo eat crow and possibly fired for being the most obtuse (What did you call me?!)  asshole ever to set foot on a tv series.

    I'm sure I'm missing the point, but can someone explain how the opening scene of the season ties in with the rest of it?  I see it as a complete non sequitur.  

  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

     I guess what I'm saying is next time Drogon will know to ZIG ZAG.
    As long as he doesn't take evasion lessons from Rickon, he'll be fine.