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  • Protests Across the America

  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    As part of my “trying new things” campaign I just made Spaghetti aglio e olio and it was so  fucking good, Next up ....Carbonara! 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    My father recently passed away while in hospice. During his time in hospice and ever since then, my mother and I have recited the rosary every night for, as she says, the repose of his eternal soul. 
    I hope no one thinks Im pushing religion or spirituality or that I suddenly found God bc of recent events. While I was raised Catholic, its fair to say Ive fallen quite short of The requirements  for being a good Catholic. 
    That being said, Ive always believed in the power of strength and redemption. When I do pray the rosary with my mother, I pray for strength to get through all of this, no matter what happens. My mom prays that No one in our family gets sick. I prefer to pray for strength, and find inspirations for strength in the health care professionals, grocery store employees, and the first responders, who are severely overworked but soldier on for the benefit of us. Pray for strength and find inspiration in the strength of others, and listen to a lot of Bald Move. Now back to your regularly scheduled hysteria.
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  • Ted Lasso

    I love how the show still manages to surprise me. It’s a show that traffics in decency and warmth, may even be hokey at times but never comes off as trite or annoying. That being said, the show never completely leans into that, and still finds ways to illustrate the characters in fun ways. Issac’s haircut for Sam is a perfect example of the team coalescing and Issac was just entertaining as hell.
  • NFL 21/22

    Week One overreaction 
    Jameis Winston looks like an MVP
  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    Scene with Mare and Sioban was simply devastating, with Mare’s breakdown after talking with Colin’s mother a close second. 
  • Food Network: Tournament of Champions (Spoilers)

    Little bummed to Elizabeth Faulkner go, but Im super pumped to see Shirley and Jet go head to head. Im buying some xo sauce!!!!!!
  • Ted Lasso

    The Billionaire’s tantrum after Sam rejected him was priceless. :) The soccer scenes have gotten better as it looks like they’re on an actual ptich.
  • 303 - The Big Never

    I wish Pizzolatto hadn’t mentioned the possible  unreliable narrator aspect to this season. Already feeling S2 Mr Robot vibes. If the unreliable narrator is meant as a tool to illustrate Hays’s memory loss and not a way screwing with audience Im on board. Like Hays misremembers the past out of shame or embarrassment, or if he is culpable in a way only he knows and has spent rhe 25 years lying to himself. I just dont want Aron asking Is any of this real on a weekly basis