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  • Bald Move AAMA

    My name is not Freddy Cupples, but I like that Jim and A. Ron's nickname for me is Freddy C. So that's what you can call me. Or just Tom, I guess, since that's what my beatnik parents named me. And for anyone who ever questions my devotion to the Bald Move cause, just remember, I paid both the silver price:
    And the iron price:
    Just kidding. I have alopecia totalis. Which comes in quite handy whenever friends get cancer and we all decide to do a solidarity shave.

    Any other golfers on here? I'm a mildly competent hack (sitting at a 14.8 handicap as of last month), and if I had it my way I'd play at least 5 times a week. Even played blades for a while:
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  • Welcome Wagon Thread! New to Bald Move? Have questions? Introduce yourself here, and/or ask away!

    Hello, my name is Freddy C, and I'm the freshman dorm's resident advisor. Please take a moment to watch this video in order to help acclimate yourself to the local rules and customs:

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  • Where I feel Bald Move Has Gone Right in 2019

    Cleanest assholes in all of podcasting.
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  • Happy New Year Baldies!

    Suits out for the new year!

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  • How do I completely delete and remove my profile?

    Been there, @MerleGrogan. I'm on my 3rd Bald Move profile. First one I had to shut down due to the gubment. Ex-wife got the second one. RIP @HabitualLineStepper and @YourSistersCute
  • Are my BM Texas folks okay?

    I'm the head of emergency preparedness/disaster response over a staff of 20. Also a client list about the same, all of which are elderly, high risk, and not guaranteed power. Honestly, we've been really lucky so far. We got on top of things asap, and me being in the same grid section as a fire station has allowed me to effectively coordinate our response without interruption. We've had a few people who have gone to stay with family, but as of now that has been out of precaution rather than strict necessity. None of our old folks have froze to death, and we haven't lost contact for a prolonged period of time.

    All that being said, I feel a little guilty that I've personally had it so easy. I'm basically just sitting in my warm luxury apartment, eating hot meals, with uninterrupted All Bills Paid utilities, just watching the snowpocalypse go on outside my window.
    Don't get me wrong, I still unplugged most appliances, turned down my thermostat, and have not ran my dishwasher or washer/dryer all week. But still, I don't have kids or pets, and definitely have way more than I need right now.
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  • General Tomfoolery

    Michelle said:
    Freddy said:
    Bread belongs either in my belly or on the ground waiting for some stupid duck to eat it.
    NEVER feed bread to ducks or birds!  It swells in their stomachs and can kill them. :cry:
    Now I don't know who believe!? Big duck or big bread!?

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  • Post Your Dankest Memes

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