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  • Where I felt bald move went wrong in 2018

    The Expanse podcast and the lunches alone were worth my annual subscription fee.

    Please, guys, keep on putting out a new BaldMove TV every once in a while. Without you, I would not have discovered Sharp Objects or Barry, two of my favorite shows this year. Thank you for that!

    For the First Run Bald Movies, I could personally do with fewer super hero and action movies, and more movies that inspire insightful discussion about societal issues like Snowden, The Post, or Annihilation. I love those. Even a bad movie like The Circle sometimes inspires a great discussion.

    I liked Season of the Cage, but I already miss the original Commissioned podcasts. There is just a special type of excitement when suddenly a podcast for one of your favorite classic movies appears in the RSS feed. I'm still hoping to get your take on Goodfellas, on I Heart Huckabees, and on Star Trek VI one day.

    Thank you for your attention and for continuing to enrich my enjoyment of television! Happy 2019!
  • Silicon Valley

    F*** everybody who says this show is cyclical. What a great episode!

    I could not stop laughing when Jared shouted "How would you like to die today, motherf*****" :D
  • 204 - The Riddle of the Sphinx

    Hi Jim and A.Ron, you'll probably never get around to even reading this post but in case you do, please let me tell you that after four episodes I have come to really, really like the new format with recap and discussion of themes at the beginning and tin foil speculation at the end (which I personally don't really care for). I kind of enjoy the philosophical discussions so much (just to name one, the whole discussion of "is a copied consciousness really the same person") that I look forward to the podcast more than the actual episode by now. Very well done, I happily pay my membership fees exactly because of stuff like this :)

  • 309 - "Intransigence"

    I'd follow Captain Drummer anywhere after that speech. Chills!

    Father of the year award to Jules-Pierre "you plan parties" Mao. If he doesn't rot in that prison cell I sure hope we see him spaced before the show ends...
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  • Dark (2017) - Spoilers and discussions

    Just finished watching all of it for the third time. I can't say how much I enjoy this show. I love all the attention to detail and how you keep discovering new things on every rewatch. For example, how old Jonas has the neckwound marks already in early season 1. Or the whole time loop of Old Tannhaus telling adult Claudia something in 1986, something that he could only know because Claudia's older self told him 33 years earlier after she travelled back in time.

    I find myself constantly pausing, putting down the tablet and mind wandering about how a character got here, why and whom they are trying to stop from doing what and how it probably all is going to end in a self fullfilling prophecy again anyway :D If the writers don't mess anything up with the last season next year, this may enter my all time top 5.

    @drumore already said it, it's like Mr Robot and Stranger Things but better... I really hope Cecily will convince the guys to cover Dark. They love Looper and Primer and I would love to hear them talk endlessly about bootstrap paradoxes, other worlds and give a complete account of all the times the time machine changed hands so that even I can convince myself that it really is only one time machine, as the writers claim ;)
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  • The Baldies 2020 discussion

    I completely missed the listener vote this year :( Was there an email or a forum thread? I was surprised that there was not a single mention of "I May Destroy You" in any of the categories, in my opinion the best drama (and biggest miss) this year. I don't know any other show like it, really thought provoking.