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  • Army of the Dead (Netflix 2021, Zack Snyder) SPOILERS

    Two things that would have made this movie much better.
    1. When they first met up and that one guy decided to pull out. He should have been shot by Tanaka's crew. ie: You're in or you're out
    2. After the ending Helicopter crash, the daughter wakes up and Scott should have been gone. And the final scene should be that Scott comes crashing through a window into Tanaka's house as a full blown Alpha Zombie and he tears him to pieces. Leaving us with a ......................Next Movie.
  • Bald Move Guitar & Gear Nerds!

    I am a retired guitar tech,that did all kinds of custom wiring and switching, mostly for Strats. I have a shitload of parts, tools for fret jobs, radius sanding boards for frets, Pots, Mega Switches, Custom Rotary switches, caps, knobs you name it I have it. Parts that I no longer have a need for, enough to open a guitar repair shop. If anyone is interested, let's talk mastervolume101@gmail.com.
  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    Just based on the fact that Yellowjackets is on Showtime and has much lower subscription numbers than HBO I’m surprised they’d cover it. I hear it’s a good show But most of the people I know haven’t seen it because they just don’t have showtime. Perhaps it should remain off the clock. 

    Yeah, I hear Aron say this quite a bit. While I'm sure the stats back up that Showtime's greatest shows are not as great as HBO's greatest shows (Even if HBO can't end them properly), I still think Showtime has had some pretty good shows, well worth watching. I think what Showtime shows have suffered from is going on longer than they should. But there are still some good shows. Yellow Jackets as mentioned is definitely one (At least it's a definitive 5 seasons and not open ended, so they have a plan and so far I trust the creators). I thought Homeland was a great show. Again, it could have been shortened to 5 seasons and still have gotten the Job done, but that doesn't change how good the first handful of seasons were. Billions is well regarded, if you're into that world, The Good Lord Bird was a very good show, Dexter was really good (until as mentioned, it went on to long) and it was always intended to be campy, American Rust was also very good. Probably better than Mare of East town (Mare of East Town should have been called Red Herring of East Town), City on a Hill has been decent, The Loudest Voice was an incredible miniseries (BTW - Love Mini Series). Sure they haven't had a Mega Hit like GOT. But no one else has. I wouldn't base what I watch by the Network it's on, I would base it on it's quality. I listened to their review of Yellow Jackets and I really hope they stick with it. I wouldn't even mind a 3-4 Podcast recap of season 1, leading up to the season 2 premiere. Like covering 3-4 Episodes per Podcast. There is a lot happening in that show they could really dig deep into.
  • Top 10 of 2019

    Of the ones mentioned, I would have to put JoJo Rabbit Really high on the list. It's not often a movie can both make you laugh out loud and legitimately choke you up all at once. And what's with this Taika Waititi Guy? When I see some of his photos, i can swear I have seen him in 100 things. But when I look at IMBD, I barely recognize any of his movies and when I look him up on Wikipedia, he looks like a spitting image of a coked out Robert Downy Jr.