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  • Don't need to commission mythbusters for the herd culling cable scene. Pretty sure it was inspired by infamous footage in the racist propaganda documentary Africa Addio. Africans after the Boers left would run cables between jeeps and pull down zebr…
  • Just to throw it out there - maybe you already heard of it then ignore it - one of my fav podcasts Tofop left libsyn for Omny. Supposedly really cheap (like 99 a month for their top 'network' tier), Australian, young, hip and willing to work with th…
  • Some quick questions: How useful are the commissions right now? Is there a huge waiting list or can this help out? I've been wanting to put in a commission and this might be a good reason to expedite that decision... Have you thought about ditchin…
  • As a dutch guy all I want to say to our American friends is: Don't fuck this up for everyone please. We have a good thing going, no need to dismantle the whole thing and hand our edge to the fucking Russians and Chinese. This new obsession with this…
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  • @RubenL Snowden's a straight up traitor, Russian agent and defector. In that order. Not sure what Stone was thinking making this flick but the poor turnout reflects a nation that doesn't share his enthusiasm to celebrate the life and works of a mo…
    in Snowden Comment by Arctor September 2016
  • @Hatorian Oculus has 1080×1200 res (that's pretty low res, not even 1080p!) so as long as you hit 60 fps (should translate to 30 fps per eye) on acceptable settings in benchmarks on the games you want to play on that res it should be good.
  • @ghm3 No need to get your panties in a bunch. I'm just using it as a visual way to show a method for searching the forums in lieu of a working embedded search bar. But by all means, keep defiantly ctrl-F'ing through the threads if that's somehow ea…
  • Use Google like this. As a fan of the Dollop podcast and my favorite episode being about Hugh Glass I was rather disappointed by the changes they made to the story. I kinda understand why from a narrative perspective since they jump in at a late po…
  • @DaveyMac @Hatorian That's just a check against arbitrary recommended specs. The only real requirement, and not even a hard one, is whether you can reach 60 fps on a game since the stereoscopy will cut that in half and below 30 fps games become less…
  • @Hatorian You can build (or buy) a PS4 equivalent PC for under $400. Honestly console hardware is shitty and low end. And you pick your games up on Steam sales on PC and you'll ultimately be gaming for far less. You can easily upgrade your syste…
  • @Michelle I've seen it. It was pretty funny, well worth it. It has nothing whatsoever to do with H8 though, just the name is a spoof on that.
  • Here's a tip: don't watch The Revenant first, the contrast is too big. Thank me later
  • @Drew My bad, it wasn't tv but a column in a newspaper :P She also did an interview on, I think, CNN where she was like 'what the fuck just happened?' Well if Bergdahl was a spook I'd sa…
  • @Drew Why wouldn't he? It's part of the job to accept the consequences and cut ties in a botched operation. And anyways... this was a weird period. Remember when Dick Cheney burned a spy on live national television? Good times
  • Last season's core was "Adnan guilty or not" I'm calling this season now: "Bergdahl CIA operative or not" Super excited.
  • JC2 only got fun when the MP mod came out. Will this have multiplayer or do we have wait a year?
  • I've seen it. It was fun and I really got into it. They changed a bunch, some better than the original, some worse. Acting ranges from good to serviceable.
  • Gimple made some good points on Talking Dead explaining why the audience had to be left hanging on the Glenn situation. I'm now kind of on board with it. It comes down to having to see the story from the POV of the Alexandrians and sharing their unc…
  • @Luke Yeah it was glass. And I can confirm that wood-fires become hot enough. Next time you have a camp fire put in a beer bottle Only thing I thought was weird is for the glass to cover them like that... but then I figured hot glass doesn't break…
  • Why would a US Army soldier carry a Russian RPG with extra 'nades in a fancy flight case? Make any sense to anyone?
  • It also says "theoretical" @TaraC73 But my comment wasn't necessarily about this thread. Nothing was spoiled for me here. Already knew all about Lucile and Neagan lol.
  • For someone not reading the comics and trying to avoid spoilers I sure as shit know a lot about Neagan and the Glenn plot from "spoiler free" threads.
  • The s-word sketch was fucking hilarious and on point. Helpers getting paid, plausible future of history lol.
  • Keep Summer Safe was probably my favorite moment in R&M. That and Lil' Bits "eat some f*cking shit you stupid f*cking bitch! hahaha just kidding". Oh and of course the 'get all your shit together' speech. How could I forget about that one.
  • Even with the extra weight I think he looks pretty good. I think it may have more to do with the character he plays on Fargo... bad posture, insecure, body language, all that. Amazing actor really.
  • Too much obvious religious dogma bullshit and references in this ep to really enjoy it. Hopefully this isn't that present in the rest of the episodes and just a symptom of it being the Matt episode... or Reza Aslan will have officially ruined this s…
  • @KingKobra It doesn't matter if a character recounts past events or a narrator or just the writer himself. It's not chronological because all this shit happened in the past before Terminus. Cute that they do this frame where he tells it to the wolf…
  • Excellent episode. Finally some context to Morgan's Peaceful Warrior method, I can dig it. Should have done this way earlier though. Not sure why TWD hates chronological order so much.
  • @Jovial_Falcon Oh hell yeah! Goosebumps!