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  • Never follow casting news so was kind of shocked to see Aaron Paul, Beast Mode & Kid Cudi all in the trailer. Just them have me excited to watch a few even if less interested in a Judge Dredd world. 
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  • Sets up the White Walker prequel perfectly where we find out Bran is evil & then the sequel when the Starks reunite to defeat evil Bran. 
  • Never seen his previous work to bias but just going on looks if you want a younger Batman who better? Great jaw line, intense good looking guy with a bit of edge & decent height for an actor at 1.85 m. Just get him on the Hollywood steroids. 
  • Rightly zero effect on this one but bet stuff like this & other reactions put more scrutiny on the White Walker prequel pilot & the other four getting the green light as easily. Unless we get a glimpse of blue eyes in the finale I wonder ho…
  • Not really sure the killing your sister / love / unborn child angle works in the HBO show... Its not a redeeming arc or anything like that just a horrific act.  For me Cersei has not been portrayed evil enough recently or enough of a threat for it …
  • mft9186 said: Anyone else thought the guys were a little over the top in their criticism in the instant talk?  I love the honesty & passion... What you want really from an independent podcast. Seems to be similar to most of the revi…
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  • Looselips33 said: 1. Jamie needed to kill Cersie Season eight HBO Jaime killing his sister & love who is carrying his unborn child seems a bit extreme with no benefit to anyone. 
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  • in 805 - The Bells Comment by Tom May 2019
  • R. said:            Was killing Missandei, a POW, breaking the rules?  Guess no more or less than burning the Tarlys. 
  • Doctor_Nick said: No, the Scorpions will be impinged on by the masts and sails they are mounted in front of.   And the naval formation is all facing one direction. R. said: rustywright4 said: All the Chickens said: ... …
  • Show  Cersei seems to be a pretty good leader these days. The city running well, its people value her protection & sound military decisions. Not really sure how show Jaime 'redeems' himself by killing his lover / sister / unborn child. Hope the…
  • New funny Bran is pretty unexpected. 
  • A shame really as seems just simply a couple of them going for Aryia or maybe a cheeky neck slit / achilles cut on the way & it's generally a well received scene. Hope to see her perspective or Brans from another angle next episode.
  • Like that it was Arya but if going for the sneak attack kill probably best to give the blood dripping scene a miss. 
  • Kind of crazy going down the La Toya rabbit hole on YouTube after all this.
  • Really like the new layout but personally can only log in through the 'sign in or register' link in thread rather than the main forum login. The primary login & anything to do with the main site just dont seem to load for me.  
  • Really enjoyed the episode especially the new dimension of genuine hope & maybe early days of Richonne. Exactly what I want from an episode of The Walking Dead. 
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin is binge watching season two at the mo & speaks about it on this weeks pod! He is of the opinion season twos walkers are considerably stronger, faster & dexterous than season one & probably on PEDs.
  • Personally think its just natural a little of the tension is removed as we know what situation a number of the characters are in come Breaking Bad... Its not just death but in Sauls case any illegal activity sticking which for me is maybe a bigger i…
  • I can't shake a nagging feeling that the dry creek beds and no water to be found indicates that, somewhere upstream, a dam or aqueduct was built, diverting the water. Great shout & would explain the ability to leave water on the roads in a dro…
  • Apart from the odd falling tree miracle quite enjoyed the episode & with how much has happened in the previous two it needed a little road break (especially for any future binge watchers). Anyone else waiting for the pull back shot to a guy be…
  • Didn't expect it to be sooo much like Breaking Bad! Its almost identical without the five main characters & not sure if that is good or bad long term. Hope to see more glimpses of present day Saul.
  • ^ Never heard of them either but they sure seem to have a beef with the podcast or SK... Pretty strange tone throughout & especially the long intro pre-interview. Adnan on record saying he had his phone at the time of the Linkin Park call is p…
  • The Intercept now has an interview on their site with the head prosecutor Kevin Urick. Seems the other side want to have their say now.
  • For me the main aspects do remain the same & some key details are supported by tangible evidence that Adnan just has no answer for. Before Jays interview I was suspicious of the changes but now understand how at times he was protecting different…
  • Personally find Jays reasoning for inconsistencies & changes in his story quite believable. Pleased he is having the opportunity to give his side after this bomb went off in his life.
  • Crazy, that is totally true. It was released in July. Despite that though, it is set with a Christmas party backdrop and I say Christmas movie! I've been saying for years that it's the best Christmas movie of all time, and I'm not going to stop no…
  • An older relative told me over Christmas that Die Hard was originally released in the summer! Is this true? Always had it down as a Christmas movie.
  • At first thought the 'how unlucky can Adnan be' SKs colleague threw out was pretty telling of their private views but then I saw the ABC interview with Hae filmed just hours before her death so crazy coincidences did happen that day. No idea of Jay…