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  • I'm hoping the wolf escapes alive then realises the error of his ways and returns as Jesus, then Morgan can be all I told you so. I also want Glenn to end every episode in some disastrous certain death predicament which he escapes of course. Serio…
  • Is it me or do they portray Sam like he's on some kind of acid trip. I'm just shocked at how bad this show has got. The only reason I can think that the wolf didn't kill everyone was maybe he thought he would need the bullets to escape. Either tha…
  • so the same zombies who pulled dickless apart can't get a single scratch or any kind of grip on Glenn, right ok
  • Ye sorry @NikkiP basically what @bizmarkiefader said. Also it's a continuous story centreing around the reviewer Forest, rather than just a series of sketches.
  • About the amputation I may be wrong but it didn't even look like they chopped the arm high enough. It also reminded me of the black knight in monty Python.
  • I feel like shoddy bale-a-like was stuck between playing good guy Lee and bad guy Lee. What happened to the herd as well.
  • Area 51 could be interesting.
  • @Michelle I'd love it to be set around De Sade and the French Revolution, though then I guess it's not American horror story.
  • That isn't blood coming down the wall spencer just spilt some ketchup, he needs something to dip those dry ass crackers in.
  • @Heff sorry for late reply re bloodbowl but I'm only on ps4. Also I'm probably going to be engrossed in fallout soon. I think I'll give battlefront a try though, could be fun if there's a large group from here playing (ps4) Gotta say I'm excited …
  • @Murderbear I thought that too but I suppose she got surprised by the second zombie and then couldn't get a grip on it. Also her head probably wasn't in the game with worrying about Glenn too. Saying that I've always had a problem with how they stab…
  • The good thing about this episode is when you binge it on Netflix you can skip it. Also cold rolled steel is stealing the show.
  • I haven't watched it but I saw recently a z nation episode was titled zombaby.
  • Thanks for the heads up, just started watching, loving it so far.
  • just wow at them dragging this Glenn thing out, they have some serious balls. At the start of the season I wouldn't of even clicked on a spoiler thread, now Im not too fussed I guess they have me hooked.
  • i enjoyed the episode for what it was but I'd of rather seen this after everything at Alexandria was concluded. Just had a thought is it possible Carroll just straight up kills Morgan if she finds out what he's doing with his prisoner wolf. She to…
  • Fair point about the comic @Arctor but this could just be a reference to the wolves on a base level. Like I say I'm probably wrong, but if she is a wolf then what's the purpose of them finding the pictures. Could be just to throw the viewers off the…
  • While I agree I still think they make huge simple errors. The predator possum they forgot to map the texture onto, or the day turning to night in an instant. I do think as well the people who want/expect more read into things that aren't there and a…
  • well you're brave to binge it all @Dee it can get a bit full on. I agree there is something beautiful about it. I love the scene in the film where Sean's mum goes mad about them shaving his head, and everyone's being super nice like scolded children…
  • Thinking about other cliff hangers that had everyone up in arms. What about breaking bads To'hajiilee, the shoot out in the dessert with Hank and Gomis.
  • At least no one can complain about them killing black characters off.
  • Ye on the side directly opposite there were walkers but I mean the fence on the left side, so the left side wall in the alley. im not sure if there was barbed wire on the top of that fence, so if they could just grab the top and somehow haul themsel…
  • i could buy glen surviving more if he had of been wearing that protective gear he used to have including the helmet. Also I thought it could of been possible to jump from the dumpster to the fence to the left.
  • I don't understand the geography at all. Ricks group are close enough to hear the horn but too far so daryl can't easily nip back home. Glens group should be ahead of the herd yet seemed to be bumping into random groups of zombies. Why would michone…
  • Ye I think it was defying gravity, like I say I can't remember much about it but remember being excited by the premise.
  • Wasn't there a show similar to this that got cancelled. It was a show about a space mission but the mission was also a reality tv show. I struggle to remember what it was called or what happened, but I'm sure it did happen. I do remember it being …
  • I'm not sure where I heard it but I think theres something on Reddit about it. But basically the theory is Marty dies at the end and biff runs him over at the end of the tunnel. However doc jumps to that point to save him. It doesn't really add much…
  • I remember being obsessed by the idea of a hover board as a kid, and still am. I liked all three films but it's not something I've really gone back to watch like say Star Wars. I do like the theory that Marty dies at points in the second film only t…
  • Not sure if this has been brought up but when Morgan is giving his big blah blah you don't have to live like this speech to that guy who steals the gun. The gun guy says something like we don't have a choice. By that does he mean he's been ordered t…
  • Just seek strand.