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  • Watched about an hour of it. It's definitely not for someone who hasn't watched the show already, the jumps between scenes are a little dodgy and random, but for a fan i'm sure its a good way to relive moments without watching the whole show.
  • Been binge watching the past four episodes waiting for the final part to come out lol. Any updates?
  • Damn, I really need to learn the characters' names to understand any of the discussion going on
  • The anticipation is killing me lol
  • Death Stranding looks sick, as does Detroit: Become Human.  Oh, and Norman Reedus animated ass looks good too.
    in E3 2016 Comment by Clareto June 2016
  • I thought there were too many main characters in season two, so hopefully they tone it down a bit this season. Oh, and no UFOs please.
  • Is there a new episode? Don't see it on the Youtubes (Edit: don't worry, found it!)
  • Really excited for this, hope it doesn't mean we lose more cast members though, would hate to see the Murphys go the way of the mayor, Jill's weird friend, dog shooter and the dipshit twins. I can definitely see both families moving together to Aus…
  • was tempted to start watching this after hearing they were gonna be on a boat. guess i shouldn't bother then?
  • Very satisfying ending, if not a little cheesy. Best season finale of the week!
    in 11 22 63 Comment by Clareto April 2016
  • "Thank god we've got Fear The Walking Dead"... never thought I'd see anyone saying that
  • Every season ender needs a cliffhanger.  It's the nature of television.  If we were shown who was beaten and there was no mystery at the end of the episode, what would be the thing that kept you on the constantly thinking and talking about the show …
  • I'd like to believe that if this actually happens, there's an after credits scene of whoever got Lucille'd lying in a bloody heap. Pls Gimple and Kirkman
  • Only a few minutes in and your pronunciation of Maori is already annoying me lol.  For future reference (which seems unlikely unless someone commissions Whale Rider), its kinda pronounced like Mau-Ree. Anyway, gonna get stuck in now!
  • Can't wait to hear you make fun of our accents before falling into a deep depression for the rest of the podcast.
  • God damn, I was getting anxious when Abraham and Eugene were walking down that alleyway.
  • Another good episode, the plot is moving very quickly. Not too keen on the whole romance angle, but apparently a large focus of the book (haven't read it myself) is about their relationship, so I guess we'll be getting more of that. Oh well.
    in 11 22 63 Comment by Clareto March 2016
  • My hype-o-meter for the Walking Dead is off the charts right now, despite the fact I was planning to give up on the show a few months ago. This show is so much better when they actually have a mission or purpose for doing what they're doing, and int…
  • Agreed, really enjoying this show so far! Looking forward to seeing how Franco manages to get up to the stage of even attempting to stop JFK's assassination without his notes/books. Seems so far fetched at this stage, unless he goes back to the pres…
  • Guess I'll just stick to non-Chris Carter Monster of the Week episodes when it presumably comes back. I wish he'd just quit and let Vince Gilligan or someone take over. That would be amazing. Oh, and does Scully have alien DNA? They didn't make it v…
  • Man, I sure hope Rick wore a condom.
  • How often do you plan do release these? They are hella enjoyable.
  • @Clareto, I think that makes about as much sense as we’re going to get.  But is it all about saving JFK just because it’s a good thing to do? So far it seems like there are going to be many random deaths in the course of attempting to save one perso…
  • Remind me why it’s so important to save Kennedy?  And every time you go back to the past, it’s the same instant, and everything’s the same? Except the things changed by previous visits? OK, my head is hurting.  From what I understood, if you go bac…
  • Thought it was a good episode on a Walking Dead scale, but on a TV scale it was pretty average. Some good action sequences, but some really fucking stupid things too. God knows how it has 9.9 on IMDB.
  • First episode is up on Hulu!
  • I'm halfway through season two and starting to find it pretty repetitive/boring... is it worth sticking through? Or does it stay at about the same level?
  • Rhys Darby was the perfect fit for this role. But he talks funny. He talks like me though so its less weird. 
  • Rhys Darby was the perfect fit for this role. Awesome episode, definitely the best so far.
  • So Hanzee was the Fargo boss from season one and we got to see a young Mr Wrench and Mr. Numbers playing ball on the field? Oh shit, I wondered what the point of them doing sign language was. Duh!