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  • Hatorian said: Space Jam 2’s strategy for a good movie is “let’s throw a gazillion references and cameos in from other WB/HBO properties so people will point at the screen excitedly instead of realise what garbage it is” seriously it just se…
  • Ran across a pretty cool Easter egg today. I’ve been re-watching a few episodes per season of TWD and noticed this in episode 608.  https://imgur.com/gallery/n5f5yIV 
  • I saw a guy today fill up 3 gas cans and then didn’t even put any in his vehicle. These people are driving me insane. I’m a lineman and on call this week and now have the added stress of finding fucking gas because Captain Dipshit wants to store can…
  • Angels in the Outfield is the best baseball movie ever made. Change my mind! 
  • Chinaski said: awe Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth) has passed away. RIP Damn it, man. I just finally binged this show last year and she was definitely a highlight. I have this scene in my YouTube videos for whenever I need a quick lau…
  • Pulled the trigger on a PS5 about a month ago and I’m experiencing whiplash from the vast differences in campaign lengths between Miles Morales and AC Valhalla. Can anyone here confirm that this game actually has an ending? 
  • This thread is a great example of the amazing synergy within the Bald Move community. 
  • nstinson said: Chinaski said: i got my popcorn ready! I'm assuming this is the same Kong as Skull Island? I see crossover characters from the last Godzilla movie (which I haven't seen), but I didn't notice any Skull Island crosso…
  • Joanne Rogers passed away today.  https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/movies/joanne-rogers-fred-rogers-widow-and-classical-pianist-dies-at-92/%3famp=true
  • Cory said: hisdudeness915 said: I had a Blu-ray player do the same thing to me before. My internet would stop working every time I plugged in the ethernet cable from the Blu-ray player to my modem. Tried different cables and a new mode…
  • I had a Blu-ray player do the same thing to me before. My internet would stop working every time I plugged in the ethernet cable from the Blu-ray player to my modem. Tried different cables and a new modem and got the same result. 
  • I feel like a bit of an asshole because I had one preordered but decided to cancel it a couple weeks ago. Not impressed by any of the games and just decided I didn’t want to get one since every PlayStation I’ve ever purchased at launch has had issue…
  • Looks like episode 8 is out early. Here we go.......!!!
  • Kim Renfro with her impeccable timing  https://www.insider.com/every-netflix-original-tv-show-canceled-list?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  • It’s getting to a point where I may not start any new Netflix shows until they’ve ran their course. It really sucks when a show you love gets cancelled prematurely and Netflix seems to be doing this quite often as of late even before COVID 
  • Chinaski said: hisdudeness915 said: Did he get his injection of disinfectant yet? "That was said sarcastically and you know that," Oh fine. Well, what about the UV light under the skin? 
  • Did he get his injection of disinfectant yet?
  • Chinaski said: JoshuaHeter said: “Kill Switch”: a heist movie set in 1955 Detroit, directed by Steven Soderbergh will have a pretty great cast... Jon Hamm David Harbour Don Cheadle Ray Liota Benicio Del Toro Kieran Culkin, and... Bre…
  • Dr Manhattans were 2-0 too so there’s that. I thought the multiple COVID jokes were in poor taste. Hell, the jokes in general were pretty subpar. 
  • I was able to snag one on Walmart’s preorder. It involved a lot of f5 spamming and it probably helped that I already had my payment info saved and ready to go. I had pretty much given up until i saw a Reddit post at 8:59 that said they were going up…
  • Dave Grohl is having an internet drum battle with a 10 year old on Twitter. Watching her reaction when he challenged her was pretty priceless.  https://mashable.com/article/dave-grohl-drum-battle-nandi-bushell.amp
  • Goddamn it, man. My dad passed away at 49 with colon cancer so this hits way too close to home. This one really hurts
  • I’m not trying to get into a gun control argument. I’m just saying that suicide rates ARE impacted by gun ownership and that I believe this statement to be false:    “ Not owning a gun does not correlate with not committing suicide. ”  It absolutel…
  • JoshTheBlack said: The statistic about suicides by gun are really irrelevant.  They are suicides.  If they didn't have guns, they likely would still be suicides.   This is absolutely NOT true. There have been multiple studies tying…
  • JoshTheBlack said: Marci said: ... My niece and nephew graduated from North Paulding High School in the Atlanta area... Small world! I moved back to Paulding County 3 months ago.  Lived here from around 2005 through 2015.  I went to…
  • Finally finished and damn, what an amazing game. I guess I’m in the minority because I think I’m Team Abby(gun to my head) I’m amazed at how the visceral hate I had for a character was completely changed by the end. I wanted to put the controller do…