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  • You’re a good soul @Michelle. Sorry for your Cousin. 
  • I know I’m not the only one here big into Luna, right? @Michelle aren’t you a fan of Luna? Free streaming concert this weekend:
  • Michelle said: cdrive said: Are you talking about John Michael Cameron right now!? Ok I let him borrow a PA cause he’s my buddy’s pal. Yes he’s TX yes he’s the Tiger King. No meth!  Who? Yeh that made no sense sorry. John Cameron M…
  • Michelle said: cdrive said: Chinaski said: hey @cdrive - roaming tigers in your hood? ya'll are crazy! Story now involves a murd…
  • Freddy said: cdrive said: Chinaski said: hey @cdrive - roaming tigers in your hood? ya'll are crazy! Story now involves a murder…
  • tom_g said: cdrive said: I’m a casual with NHL, but that was the wildest shit I’ve ever seen.  Here is one from back in the day - not happening on the opening face off, but, still - one level higher - goalies. Pens v Islanders. htt…
    in NHL 2021 Comment by cdrive May 11
  • Chinaski said: hey @cdrive - roaming tigers in your hood? ya'll are crazy! Story now involves a murder outside a sushi restaurant, 2 missing m…
  • Please tell me y’all saw this SNL sketch last night and please tell me it cracked y’all up also. Watched it again today and still cracks me up! Haha It makes me so excited to watch tonight’s episode.
  • Hatorian said: People who don’t put their seatbelts on before they start driving. I hate it as a passenger. The ding ding ding. The twisting and turning of the car as they fumble around for the seatbelt. Like you know you have to put it on. J…
  • I’m a casual with NHL, but that was the wildest shit I’ve ever seen. 
    in NHL 2021 Comment by cdrive May 6
  • Get twangerz packets for your margz. Also like the shower head, if you don’t like your kitchen faucet’s filter end piece thing cause maybe it’s boring or it sucks, you can get a cheap new adapter. Should’ve done this years ago. $8 and now we can p…
    in Post a Life Hack Comment by cdrive May 5
  • Gabriel strikes again!  If Jamie just listened to herself with her White Castle slider idea instead of Gabriel mowing over her with his stupid chicken wing idea then she wouldn’t have gone home.  I have to say that’s on her though. Have to take resp…
  • Chinaski said: i don't have a middle name so i guess i'm simply... Civic. Always reliable....gets you where you need to go 
  • Oh man my heart did a little flip thinking you meant Gabe instead of Gabriel. Same on Gabriel. Really like Gabe. Also like Dawn, Shota, Sara, and Avishar. Watching the latest one tonight.... 
  • Paul LeSabre is my name, pool cleaning is my game. 
  • Yay. Bring @Chinaski in here too. We’ve been loving this season! 
  • Lannitik said: Great show, made greater by the fact that A.Ron plays the ex-husband.  I’m so glad someone else recognized that. Haha. And totally in a complimentary way. 
  • I am really into this. We (my wife and I, I’m not Gollum) are definitely into this after the first episode. It was so dark though we kinda took a breather before episode 2. Kate is crushing it. I wish more people would check this out. 
  • For absolutely no reason at all after watching Mortal Kombat I decided to listen to a bunch of early 90s dance music and make a playlist of that era I remember:  Rhythm of the Night - CoronaBe My Lover - La BoucheEverybody Everybody - Black BoxAnot…
  • Don’t @ me, but I had a ton of fun with the new Mortal Kombat. Just went in with the the lowest of expectations just like Kong v Godzilla, so it felt like a whimsical carnival ride....with fatalities.  Had so much fun in fact that I watched the 1996…
  • Oh man I just did bad, bad things to Johnny Cage with John Rambo on MK11.  With 3 days left, the PlayStation store has MK11 with all the expansions marked down from $60 to $30. PS4/PS5 digital license...I’m hoping that means it will transfer... I’v…
  • Random thought today: I’m convinced Bitcoin is the new CrossFit  
  • Rest In Positivity, Shock G, Gregory Jacobs.  Such a fun, silly, inspiring dude...positive, body positive waaay before that became a popular idea, and inclusive. Everyone was invited to doowutchyalike.  Way too young to leave us, but 100% he’d want…
    in RIP in 2021 Comment by cdrive April 23
  • Growing up in Alief in the H, Nguyen is such a common name to be honest it’s weird to hear anyone pronounce it wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Teresa from Concord said: Anyone watching The Nevers on HBO? I was looking for it’s own thread. I liked the first episode.  I liked the 1st episode too.  Watching that and Tell Me Your Secrets. And starting Sunday I’ll be watching that Kat…
  • Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.  The boys and I have been going heavy at botw for a while now, especially the older one, so this was a great new game to get into. Love the couch co-op action.  Very PS2 LOTR vibes, which I think might get my wife i…
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