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  • As a DELCO girl born and bred, I can't wait to see this and hope the guys cover it in some way.  I know Kate Winslet went to great lengths to perfect it, so I'm kinda excited/cringing to hear her take on the Dirty DELCO accent. It's pretty much univ…
  • We watched Super Dark Times and it was very well done. Funny, nostalgic,  tragic. The art direction was fantastic Definitely recommend! 
  • Oh no I didn't take it that way. Its weird what freaks her out. The Gremlins didn't bother her but she was scared of the mean old lady that yelled at the beginning. She won't watch Coco,  not because of the skeletons, but because the grandmother get…
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  • I had an older brother and a mom who worked nightshift so I grew up watching movies like Mad Max, Terminator, Alien and Die Hard with him and my dad so I don't think I have a great internal compass for what's appropriate for what age. Those are some…
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  • We watched this with our near 6 year old and she enjoyed it. But a warning to parents of Santa-believing children, there is one line from Phoebe Cates denying Santa's existence. I just awkwardly talked over it and it worked out lol! 
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  • yay! Next stop all my fellow Americans! Jan 20th can not come soon enough and we'll get some real leadership to see over mass distribution of this
  • We got behind in our liquor advent calendar  and thank God my parents took our daughter for tonight cuz its gonna get weird while we wrap presents and watch the new Expanse episode
  • @Dee fresh chopped dill is baller in a potato salad. 
  • @Dee @Teresa from Concord   Its funny because our hospital system bought us in the 90s when my dad was a nurse in the same ICU I'm in now and he always said that our building was the bastard child of the hospital.  But literally, they forgot about …
  • Our ICU has been waiting to hear word on when we'll be getting our vaccine since the other units and the higher ups have been getting it. Turns out they forgot about us. So we'll still be getting it but not for another week or so. Just really irrit…
  • My husband has now fallen asleep during the Season 5 Ep 1 Expanse and Die Hard. Is this enough to file for divorce
  • Totally agree. Another aspect of this is the debate over elective procedures during this time. Purely from a staffing position,  I see the argument for halting elective procedures, allow healthcare workers stable nurse:patient ratios so they can pro…
  • A_Ron_Hubbard said: ray_x03 said: Cool poster for the new season: Damn, putting the moneymaker front and center there, haha As it should be. Guns are out, y'all
  • @Dee I'm sorry that is so frustrating.  I'm nightshift so I'm driving through center city Philly at dinnertime to get to the hospital, so I get to drive by blocks upon blocks of people having dinner, drinks etc. All the restaurants are packed.  And …
  • Yay tested negative for COVID! Unfortunately I have a sinus infection but I'm glad I'm not going another round with the 'rona. 
  • Team robe all day. I work nightshift so when I'm finally off and I wake up in the afternoon its robe, tank top, and and underwear for the night. Especially since in the pandemic we can't go anywhere anyway so its gotten dangerously casual in our hou…