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  • I'm a big fan of periodic contrarian investing, i.e. zigging when everyone else is zagging.  Especially when there are large, unforeseen events which affect a company or the entire market.  In my experience, investors tend to oversell and there are …
  • Apparently the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey is real: Can we get an official Bald Move statement? Edit: the monolith has apparent…
  • Just received a critical supply shipment today: - 1 case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - 6 bottles of wine - 1 bottle of Tito's Vodka - 1 bottle of Bulleit Bourbon - 1 bottle of Laphroaig Scotch I may survive another week of lockdown.
  • Naugustine said: Oh @Chinaski you could be starting a war here lol. Probably region bias but I love Kansas City bbq. There’s so many good choices if you visit KC. Personal favs are Jack Stack, Q39, LC’s and Joes.  Having said that and being …
  • I read that GRRM originally wanted a much deeper GoT tie-in like a GoT world or something.  That got me thinking of how meta it would be if all the Westworld "worlds" ended up being based on hit HBO shows (we've already got Deadwood) - Sopranos, The…
  • Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Steven Wright
  • > Ya, Jim's taco comment was a surprise bummer! I’ve never come so close to canceling my Bald Move membership as when Jim blasphemed tacos a couple weeks ago. 
  • The Last of Us cut scenes stitched together in movie format:
  • Does it go into why we hate Amazon's monopoly power and how they treat their warehouse workers, yet order things from them on a daily basis?
  • I’ve never noticed any audio issues but after reading this thread, I’m sure I’ll be obsessed with the volume of BM podcasts from here on out.
  • As I write this comment, my wife is binging this show and on episode 6.  Every time I walk in the room she says, “This show is so crazy!  I can’t explain anything about it but you have to watch!”
  • Michelle said: I'm really into the flashback-movie coverage.  More please! I would love to see the gents take on A Clockwork Orange.  That movie really f’d me up when I watched it back in college (copious amounts of weed may have contribu…
  • Time to queue up The Stand
  • I just came across a hilarious Succession spoof where everyone wants Logan’s m&m’s:
  • I’m hearing the same people say the same things about Patrick Mahomes as they were saying about Lamar Jackson earlier this year.  Just wondering which rookie quarterback they’re going to crown as the best ever three weeks into next season.
  • I’ve been listening to a great political podcast from Justin Robert Young called “Politics Politics Politics”.  It’s super funny and informative without being too partisan.  The introduction to his latest podcast is a true work of art: https://www.…
  • As an aside, I know two brothers who have become millionaires selling high end soup to companies like Whole Foods.  Who knew soup was so lucrative?
  • Hatorian said: Jesus. Lamar Jackson is going to be considered one of the best QBs ever(if he stays healthy)  but I’ll watching the game now and this dude makes play after play. We have never seen anything like this. This dude will break your…
  • I can’t wait for “The Mandalorian season 2: Mr. Mom” Especially looking forward to Mando navigating the school drop off line for baby yoda and trying to iron while wearing his Beskar armor.
  • adampasz said: I joejerryronnie said: I want Jim and A.Ron to sit down over the holidays, with less demands for their time, and binge Succession with an open mind.  I think their initial reaction was “I don’t feel like watching a bunch of ri…
  • MrX said: adobo1148 said: I guess I’ll have to give Succession a try, have the fellas shown any interest? I think Jim watched part of season 1? I haven't heard them say anything about season 2. I want Jim and A.Ron to sit down …
  • CretanBull said: I've tried writing a book several times in my life but I've never come close to finishing.  This might be an odd thing to say, but I don't like my own writing style.  I love reading, and I really, really appreciate good writi…