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  • It looks like we have 12 teams signed up! Anyone else on the forums planning to play that hasn’t yet? We can expand the league to 14 teams if there are.
  • @Chinaski were you able to get signed up? Never know if account names match usernames on here!
  • @Chinaski I PM’d you a link to sign up for the league this season. It’s also posted in the Sports thread on Discord if anyone uses that more often.
  • Congrats @Chinaski! Happy to see Steph get his finals mvp. Hopeful that the Celts can build on this year and figure out how to not turnover the ball so goddamn much!
    in NBA 2021 Thread Comment by MrX June 17
  • Well that was quite the 3rd to 4th quarter roller coaster ride. 
    in NBA 2021 Thread Comment by MrX June 3
  • Chinaski said: well well.. Finals time again for the Dubs.. been too long! @MrX - a Finals vs your Celts sounds like a damn fun series! get it done tomorrow, and lets dance next week! I am pumped … and already stressed! Gonna be a fun se…
    in NBA 2021 Thread Comment by MrX May 31
  • Happy game 7 day!
    in NBA 2021 Thread Comment by MrX May 15
  • Wasn’t it Peter Gould that revealed it, not AMC?
  • And also Ichiro is throwing heat in his 2001 uniform! Early 00’s baseball was fun. (The pitch speed isn’t real. But I’ll pretend it is!)
    in MLB 2022 Comment by MrX April 16
  • For my A’s fans on here
    in MLB 2022 Comment by MrX April 12
  • Chinaski said: well Severance is awesome. i flew through eps 4-8 the last few days. my goodness, i'm so hyped for the finale on Friday! we could all use an MDE at the moment We gotta get you on the Discord @Chinaski - lots of good Sev…
  • Crazy game! Hard to take a loss after being up 15 at the half, but it was a wild tourney for UNC after being on the bubble … we’ll always have ending K’s career. Oh, and congrats to Kansas too
  • North motherfucking Carolina!!!! 
  • Michelle said: @Chinaski @cdrive since you’re both foodies like me, you’ll probably appreciate this - David Chang (yes, that David Chang) is co-hosting a podcast on Pachinko with artist David Choe. Both are Korean and are bringing some good i…
  • Finally got around to watching the Yellowjackets pilot. Lives up to the hype. It’s scratching the nostalgia itch for sure as well. Can’t wait to watch the rest. 
  • I don’t care that my bracket sucks because UNC is in the Final Four!!! Against Duke! Definitely will need a sedative on Saturday lol.  What a great Final Four group.
  • Chinaski said: looks like Bryant wants to pad those career stats by playing at Coors field. something Trevor Story will no longer be doing. I think Story can adjust to hitting off the Green Monster just fine!
    in MLB 2021 Comment by MrX March 21
  • Oh Rockies, what are you doing…  but as a Red Sox fan, I can’t complain 
    in MLB 2021 Comment by MrX March 21
  • Our Flag Means Death on HBO Max is legit fun. Goofy pirate show set in the 1700s with a surprising amount of heart. Taika Waititi is a producer and he’s also stars in it along with Rhys Darby. 
  • Chinaski said: shout out @MrX bracket Lol I’m cooked and day 1 of the tourney isn’t even over
  • I’m not a Broncos fan but it will be fun following Russ out here in Colorado for sure. 
    in NFL 21/22 Comment by MrX March 9
  • Shameless was also pretty good on Showtime. But it does fit with the trend of some of their more well known shows that are initially popular and garner a lot of discussion but then after 4-5 seasons the quality and interest decreases. 
  • GredalBee said: Succession is obviously a big miss, but post-pandemic TV has been hard to follow in general.  I haven't seen anything about Station Eleven until I hit the forums.  And while we're on HBO, they aired 6 episodes of The Nevers an…
  • I do generally give the guys the benefit of the doubt on what they cover, but they really did miss out on a lot of the “water cooler” shows that most of the online tv community were talking about this year. I agree The Ringer has stepped up its game…
  • Cincy Buff GB TB Go Bengals? It’s the Bald Move home team!
    in NFL 21/22 Comment by MrX January 23
  • lengmo said: Quite the setup for the final episode of Hawkeye... Not sure how they will fit some resolution to the NY situation and a satisfying "home by Christmas" segment. Now what I really want is a "What Yelena does when she's not being …
    in Hawkeye Comment by MrX December 2021
  • This is great and is a nice companion piece to this season! You should tweet it out to the Expanse writers I bet they’d appreciate it. 
  • Michelle said: RyanReeseman said: Michelle said:   RyanReeseman said: God damn ANOTHER epic banger of an episode.  Tom Wambgans was Littlefinger the whole time and  THIS IS THE NEW GAME OF THRONES. Wait a sec - I didn'…
  • I am shook. Tom fucking Wambsgans.