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  • Always looking for new people for online TTS games by the way. 
  • I mean it seems like it was basically an ad for Waymo, which I think it was, but it basically reminds me of the episode last season where he goes on a long spiel about how recruiters and recruiting agencies are scams and then does an ad for Zip Recr…
  • First episode wasn’t great, felt like a long form ad. Second episode was much better, I think Malcolm is at his best when taking down absurdities of the American education system. 
  • Yeah not exactly a fun time 
  • It’s out on Apple Podcasts.
  • S6 coming out soon, I was hit or miss on S5 to be honest, some of it was good some of it felt a bit pointless, so we’ll see if 6 is an improvement. 
  • Supernova 6 is out, hope you’ve caught up @A_Ron_Hubbard
  • Clearly no one here has had Ssamjang, a tasty Korean sauce I had the other day with some bulgogi. 
  • The Last Airbender is a masterclass in how not to adapt a beloved animated series, although part of me wishes he got to finish his TLA trilogy if only to see how the other two would go. Think I’ll still go with The Sixth Sense.
  • It’s very obvious when watching television shows which writers have and have not tried LSD before. 
  • Not being able to go to them gym since the pandemic started has made me occasionally feel lymphatic. 
  • Yeah how the fuck have we allowed it to become law that a power company can refuse to prep the power grid for natural disasters and then bill their customers for the damages, who have no choice but to buy from them because they’re the only game in t…
  • calebthrower said: Alkaid13 said: Oh Disney the company can absolutely go fuck themselves, the China thing is completely reprehensible and they have a history of taking the wrong side on several issues over the course of almost a centu…
  • Honestly was never that big a fan of Joss anyways, so yeah fuck that guy. You don’t have to be a giant creep and asshole to be successful and we shouldn’t reward these types just because they happen be good creative types. For every Joss there’s a V…
  • Oh Disney the company can absolutely go fuck themselves, the China thing is completely reprehensible and they have a history of taking the wrong side on several issues over the course of almost a century now. I don’t think Iger et. al are saints or …
  • @JoshuaHeter I would love to see hard data to back up the idea that more innocent people are being canceled than actual assholes who deserve it. If this turns out to be the case, I would wholly disavow the “cancel culture” movement such as it is. I …
  • RyanReeseman said: I gotta think it’s so much easier to be quiet and hateful and rich than it is the be loud and hateful and unemployed. Big dumbass.  I think one thing I’ve learned as of late is that there is a subset (or perhaps the majo…
  • I don’t know man, the last two presidents were, Donald Trump, champion of the far right, and Joe Biden, certainly more left than Trump but definitely not the champion of the far left, so it seems that the “political left” is not in fact the most pow…
  • JoshTheBlack said: I am torn between thinking it's good to see companies like Disney act quickly to root out the rot (so to speak) and thinking that it just adds to the persecution complex the American right has.  Deplatforming seems to have …
  • Never tried it 1 player but the game is real fun so I imagine it plays fine 1 player. There’s also a bunch of expansions for it which is always a plus. 
  • Great list! Big fan of Scythe, Terraforming Mars and Love Letter. My go to games (since I’ve mostly been doing online board gaming lately due to COVID) are Quacks of Quedlinburg: A push your luck potion brewing game…
  • A_Ron_Hubbard said: Sir, I am a proud MAN, thank you. Yeah actually I’ve always wondered why they went with Proud Boys. I mean never let it be said dumbass racist Neo-fascists have the best naming schemes, but Proud Boys is really the thi…
  • Neo-Nazis/White Supremacists, ruining Hawaiian shirts and bushy beards for everyone. 
  • Thanks to the Bald Mover who sent me Legends of Andor, Ticket to Ride, and Codenames! Those will hopefully see some use in a few months once offline board gaming starts back up. 
  • I just don’t understand why Hawley fiddled around in the middle only to short the season finale. It feels like Hawley thought people would really connect with Josto I guess but I just never really cared, honestly I liked Gaetano more by the end. Ora…
  • Honestly felt pretty rushed for the season finale. Not even sure why Ethelreda is even in it, she turns out to be a successful something or other I guess based on that flash-forward (?) but also she was cut out of most of the season. Still not sure …
  • It’s a sign of the times that I see 56 and I think “oh well at least it’s only double digits”.
  • I feel your pain @Dee
  • Ironically, US is currently having the Gold standard vs Fiat currency argument all over again because hey 2020.