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  • What a fucking finale, the build up from when we first saw the X wing to Luke’s reveal was absolutely incredible. This is some of the best Star Wars ever made! 
  • @jluzania My roommate and I binged Succession like two months ago. It kept getting better and better. By season two I honestly would classify it more of a comedy than a drama, it was hilarious. Roman has some of the best one liners ever!
  • Why do you think a few of the people you work with will die? Do you work in a office with hundreds of people, who are mainly older? I'm not asking that sarcastically either, genuinely curious about why you think that. 
  • Just listened to both episodes. Aron will be missed of course, but I think Alexis is doing a great job in his place! As others have said, Alexis and Jim obviously have great chemistry. Looking forward to the rest of the season with these two. 
  • Watched Midsommar two weeks ago, and I enjoyed it. I liked the tension it built. I'm not into paranormal stuff really, so this kind of tension building horror/ thriller stuff is up my alley. 
  • Episodes one and two, are really good. Episode three is ehhhh.  It had an interesting premise in the beginning but got a little too "out there" for me. 
  • Sixers in 6 over the Clippers! 
  • Man my Phillies have been on a roller coaster lately. sweep the cubs, loose the series against the Padre's and then win both games in Boston. now we play in Miami, which if it it goes like the rest of the season has so far, they'll loose at least to…
  • Pay the man, Cowboys! PAY THE MAN! (coming from an eagles fan lol)
  • I took it that Drogon considers Jon a friend because he is Targaryen. Jon was also been nice to him prior, and Drogon knew his master really like him too.  Seems like the Double D's were going for that dragons are as smart as a Border Collie lets sa…
  • Going to Sea Isle NJ for four days, and then immediately afterwards going to Charleston SC for a bachelor party for three days. Have heard excellent things about Charleston, so looking forward to that!
  • Oh and MAN is the soundtrack for this show so damn good. I've been listening to them show's playlist on Spotify nonstop the last 24 hours. 
  • I thought the premiere was great. The scenes with Meryl and Reese were fantastic. I "stan" Madeline as the kids say, so I know who I'm rooting for in future encounters
  • Giving it a listen right now on spotify, Ramin Djawadi is incredible. The score this season may be one of the things that actually improved. 
  • Man I hope we get a moment where Danny is giving Arya her due next episode. Maybe she gets a cool prophecy nickname too, like Day-Bringer,  The Dawn, or whatever (okay those names aren't great but something cool lol)
  • Not entirely sure if this has been discussed yet, but I'll definitely have to pay close attention on my next re-watch. https://www.reddit.com/r/gameofthrones/comments/birt01/spoilers_jon_screamed/
  • Ben said: So the magic ninja who has been training as an Assassin killing the night king isn’t a good pay off? Despite her being given the dagger to do it last season? Or Mel’s prophecy that was given to her in season 2? Or her being trained …
  • DaveyMac said: Not adding anything substantive to the conversation. Just came to say this was my kind of episode. While it is a bit frustrating that narrative short cuts were taken to get everyone in the same space, which potentially cheapen…
  • okay even the MLB social media pages are straight up trolling Chris Davis now... This is unbelievable hahaha https://twitter.com/MLB/status/1116392432772554754
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  • Just watched Apocalypse Now for the first time. I have no idea what the fuck happened, that was a trippy god damn movie.
  • Is NL talk allowed in here? lol Feeling pretty darn good about my Phils at the moment. Anybody in here a fan of any NL East team?
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  • JoshuaHeter said: Jim said: Doubt there's room in our schedule to cover this one but I just finished watching it.  Overall I enjoyed it.  Most of my knowledge of this thing came from an article or two I read a couple years ago and just…
  • JoshuaHeter said: So, the Phillies are in DC tonight and... https://twitter.com/lana/status/1113236304190267392?s=21 Bryce "my lord and savior" Harper! 4-0 for the first time in 104 years... LFG
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  • My Phils are the only unbeaten team left, 162-0 still in play!
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  • Lets go Phils! #RingTheBell
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  • I've been on a True crime podcast binge the last couple of months. Some of the better listens were - - Cold - Over My Dead Body - Slow Burn (both Seasons, the 1st is on Nixon/Watergate, 2nd is on Bill Clinton/ Whitewater/Monica)- The Dropout - …
  • Love this show, strong start!
  • Ive been an advocate that this somehow ends with some type of proto democracy being set up. The show has hinted at it, with Danny saying she wants to destroy the wheel, and Tyrion bringing up how the Nights Watch votes for their Lord Commander. We'l…