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  • @lengmp Making fun of Black women’s hair, in particular a Black woman who has spoken about her medical condition and how it has impacted her hair and her self esteem is pretty racist, mate.  You know what, there’s always been a subtle undercurrent o…
  • @Teresa from Concord Oh, please. It was an open handed slap. He didn’t beat the shit out of the guy. Hand wringing about “community violence” is being way over-dramatic. He also apologised profusely, which is a damn sight more gracious than I would …
  • I’m Team Will. He was laughing - whether it was genuine or whether that’s what people do when someone is making shitty mean jokes and there’s a camera on you. But then he looked at Jada and saw how upset she was.  Black women’s hair is a sensitive i…
  • @lengmo The final episode of Suspicion was so bad. I’m still sitting here a day later feeling annoyed about it. What a mess. 
  • @cdrive HARD AGREE. I joined and I figured it out (sort of) and it’s just a bunch of random comments with no cohesion. I can only hope this Patreon forum is the business, because Discord sure isn’t for me. 
  • @GredalBee That’s why the lord invented dustbusters.
  • @JoshuaHeter Oh my god. Put a hit out on that fucker.
  • @Teresa from Concord You did better than me - I lasted about two thirds of the first episode. It was like watching paint dry. 
  • @lengmo I agree with you re Suspicion. I’m quite enjoying it - there’s enough intrigue to keep me interested while I’m watching each episode, but as soon it’s over, I’ve forgotten it. Nothing is really staying in my head and the next week it takes m…
  • @Chinaski me when I stub my toe: 
  • @lengmo, speaking of 70s British cops, have you ever seen Red Riding? It’s a three part series but each episode is listed on IMDB as a movie - Red Riding: In The Year Of Our Lord 1974, 1980 and 1983. There’s a hell of a lot going on in it, but its b…
  • @lengmo I’ve been watching Suspicion too (doesn’t count as a binge though since it’s been two weekly episodes so far, lol). I’m into it - I like how it’s unfolding slowly and not really giving many hints about what’s going on yet.  It took me foreve…
  • Honestly, as someone who watches A LOT of the UK crime dramas that Mare of Winningham was clearly cribbing from, it was not great. It was just fine. Watchable, and then forgettable, as most of those kinds of shows are. I think people have elevated i…
  • Teresa from Concord said: Just finished watching season 1, episode 2 of Yellowstone. Enjoying it except for one big thing. What’s with all the scenes of animals dying or getting injured? And it’s pretty graphic. Have any of you watched this s…
  • The problem with Succession is that it’s the Keto of television - people who are into it are REALLY into it, and can’t seem to grasp why anyone else would not be into it.  I watched - I think 4 episodes? Maybe 5? - so probably gave it about as much …
  • Well, I mean, they’re people who have packaged real life crimes and murders into entertainment and comedy, so I wouldn’t have high expectations for their integrity. 
  • @CretanBull $33660?? The starting salary in Australia for teachers is about $65000 - $46000 in USD. And even that seems kind of low to me. It’s amazing they actually have people wanting to be teachers there. 
  • @lengmo I enjoyed Vigil because it had so many actors I like in it, and I wanted to know what was going on, but the plot was BONKERS. A lot like Line of Duty (which I love) if you think about it for more than 30 seconds. You really have to be willin…
  • Also, I don’t know about Americans but if you were an Aussie kid in the 70s, Bat Out Of Hell was on every parents’ record shelf. There’s a reason that thing stayed in the charts for 20 odd years.  My dad was really only into 60s Britpop and my mum w…
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  • Paradise By The Dashboard Light was mine and my friend’s karaoke song when we were in our 20s - we always argued over who got to sing the guy part. 
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  • Michelle said: But which is which…?
  • @Chinaski I had mine about 9:30 in the morning, felt fine all day and thought I’d dodged any side effects, but then woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck - really sore arm that felt like I had a brick hanging off the end, and really sore musc…
  • Yellowjackets I was going to wait till the season ended but I got bored and started it, thinking it was some CW-ish teeny bopper thing and I wouldn’t be into it anyway, but of course I bloody LOVED it and ended up watching it all, so now I am waitin…
  • @Michelle Don’t be sorry, it’s true 
  • @cdrive Not in a million years would I be partying with the unvaxxed right now!