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  • Little bummed to Elizabeth Faulkner go, but Im super pumped to see Shirley and Jet go head to head. Im buying some xo sauce!!!!!!
  • Dan Snyder is a massive shit bag.
  • I haven’t seen the show yet, but i hear it could have been valled Crazy poor asians
  • Season 3 Episode 1 title, Rise of the Wonder Kid
  • The Billionaire’s tantrum after Sam rejected him was priceless. The soccer scenes have gotten better as it looks like they’re on an actual ptich.
  • Has Nate gone full on Palpatine or is he Anakin, eventually throwing Rupert down a metaphorical shaft to save Ted?
  • Any WFT fans also buying into the legend of Tayloy Heineke? Given the  turnstile defense I need something to feel good about.
  • Is it too early for #FUCKNATE?
  • MrX said: Chinaski said: Matt Nagy has a laminated play sheet with a bunch of plays on both sides. Yet he calls the same 3 to 4 plays the entire game. didn't help that the O line decided to take the day off. what a shit show. Bear…
  • I had The Lions to win outright and a 3-1 payout was wiped out by a 66 yard field goal. #badbeats
  • Is it my imagination or do all these new stadiums look like an oversized Buffalo Wild Wings?
  • While it would have been a little hack, a montage of Beard and tje superfans consuming copious amounts of booze would have felt appropriate. Just something where the actors could have had some indulgent fun would have given this episode some flare.
  • Was that supposed to be Jane in the club? The whole announcers talking to beard thing was cringey hack. 
  • kingbee67 said: Norm Macdonald, that was a bummer to hear. For the last few I have been appreciating his comedy a lot. YouTube has some great bits of him. I think the one where he gives Conan a belated congratulations on his Tonight show run …
  • More Week One overreactions 2020 Bills= fluke Stafford greatest QB in Rams History Big Ben still got it Aaron Rodgers is done Sam Darnold has found a home Washington D line is overrated 
  • If you were a fan of the WFT not only did the team lose but some unfortunate fans had to endure this
  • Week One overreaction  Jameis Winston looks like an MVP
  • I love how the show still manages to surprise me. It’s a show that traffics in decency and warmth, may even be hokey at times but never comes off as trite or annoying. That being said, the show never completely leans into that, and still finds ways …
  • Next week’s episode is titled Beard after Hours, which I never thought the show devote  an episode to this character. My instinct says it will be a trainspotting-ish drug induced haze, though I hope Im wrong as that would be off brand for the show. 
  • Michelle said: Dee said: Hands up who else cried when Roy hugged Jamie? I’ll be looking for that gif in the morning once the Tumblrinas get going.  Omg that moment tore me up.  And *of course* it had to be Roy.  I love where these t…
  • GO SAM!!!!!! 
  • My favorite line of the season ”Temper your  chocolate ya fuckin twat!” 
  • Im worried a beloved character will get the axe, given the reference to the team’s dire finances as well as pissing off the team’s sponsor, albeit righteously. I Loved that part.
  • I enjoyed this episode a lot. Classic Lasso feel good with a side of warm and toasty. I did enjoy how Jamie got back in his teammates’ good graces. 
  • Thanks for this, I’ll make an appointment with a Tax professional or CPA soon. Another question, does it matter if I meet with a CPA or just a tax professional at say an H&R block? Thanks
  • Travis said: I want to disclaim this before getting going. Gift taxes are not my desk, and while I did learn about them in getting my certification (I'm an EA, not a CPA), much like the Spanish and German I learned in high school, it's all Gr…
  • luongod said: I think Jamie Fox has been overlooked. Even his comedic roles have a badass edge to them. He’s absolutely beast by the end of Collateral. Django is a badass. He was in that Miami Vice movie. While not a winner of a film, he was …