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  • I think Jesse of PA sold his stake in it a few years back? 
  • Timestamps on everything forever. 
  • How evergreen is the giant bomb stuff? I know they have a huge back catalog. I’m also in the market for a good video game cast - not too into board games right now myself so I’d rather it be lighter on that side? 
  • I have Spotify so it doesn’t effect me a ton, but I do think it’s a step back for podcast fans. Not to mention the Spotify podcast audio player quality kinda sucks last time I tried it. 
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OINgzy3fmLk&t=16s Why do you hate Kerr so much? We expected MJ, we expected Scottie, we didn't expect Little Stevie. Those 11 pts.  How does Rick Smits lose that tip?? LOL DP and Reggie are the best.
  • My wife and I were walking in Yellow Springs OH and came across Dave Chapelle just standing there talking to some friends (he has a house in YS). We locked eyes and my eyes must have lit up, and he knowingly said “How Ya Doin...”. We smiled back and…
  • @cdrive Or you could always go to this town near me: https://www.heraldnet.com/news/governor-to-snohomish-barber-refusing-order-cut-it-out/ Feels like an onion article - this picture sums up half of America right now: No one wearing masks, or…
  • @BrooklynMD Thanks!  Love Rich and Dan Patrick. OGs
  • “Hey how are you and your family doing??”
  • @CapeGabe I hear you. I’m fortunate to live 30 mins from an amazing mill that sells local flour in 50 lb bags on Fridays for drive by pick up.
  • Still baking that bread: Any other home bakers out there?  It's a great hobby if you can get your hands on enough flour and happen to have a starter. 
  • I'll probably be on again this evening late PST - the arena will be wide open. 
  • JaimieT said: Guys. All I want to do, in this game, is send mail to people. That's it. You're doing yourself a disservice not to be best friends with me, just sayin'. Tonight I'm going to be grinding for money, trying to keep up with my wild…
  • Florida makes me sad. The USA makes me angry. 
  • Alexis said: My island is basic and my schedule isn’t even a little reliable, but if I ever feel like opening up my gates to apple thieves I’ll let y’all know. I’m weeks away from terraforming. Mine is basic af too - but I am getting on…
  • Even the PNW isn’t immune to Trump’s incompetent leadership, it’s trickling down to local levels now. Law and Order till they aren’t. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/snohomish-county-sheriff-says-he-wont-enforce-inslees-stay-home-order/
  • @rhcoop @Hatorian I'm familiar with the theory, and read the article you posted - not buying it. It's fun to theorize, but it's a conspiracy theory that is completely hearsay. You could say "This is all second or third hand information, but there …
  • rhcoop said: I'm very interested in watching this, but haven't had a chance yet.   My biggest question is how they approach MJ's sabbatical from the NBA for Southern League minor league baseball.  It's kind of an open secret as to why this h…
  • JaimieT said: When ya'll are on ya need to open up your islands for visitors!  @cdrive Ahhh we're on the same page.  I open mine up at night, my play is too sporadic during the day with interruptions with work/family to make it practical