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  • Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 8 "Bagman" (Spoilers)

    Mike taking the gas cap means he was GPS tracking Saul.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I need to stop reading about this stuff but I also feel I need to stay informed.

    They need to shut the whole USA down, but president dipshit is talking about opening up on Easter and a bunch of conservatives are offering up elderly lives for sacrifice, or lying and saying they would gladly die for the country.

    It never ends. Corporations and corruption over lives. Ad infinium.
    Just... Fuck.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Even if I dont get fired I am wondering if I should quit. Restaurants seem a bit risky and I dont want to chance making others sick.

    I live with my father who will be 70yo soon. He has a lot of health issues already. My mother is almost 60 and she keeps wanting me to spend the night at her house cause she doesnt feel safe alone.

    I had planned to stay in my sisters empty apartment starting today but my mother convinced me to stay one more night.

  • 411 - Exit

    Theres no way what we saw was an actual real parallel universe. Whiterose's Death, and the explosion was all fake. Whiterose must have somehow hacked into Elliots subconcious to create a psychological simulation of some kind sometime between when he first entered the building and when he was found by the Dark Army Hamburglar. Also after being found the time never seems to progress as it is always 11:16. Might be some super advanced VR BS at play here as well.

    Also F Corp "universe" appears to not have a Darlene. So I dont believe its a place made from Elliots desires, or any of his known alts or the thirds desires either.

    Or it could actually turn out to be an actual real physical parallel universe but when has full scifi ever actually been the case with this show?
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Gan said:
    Gan said:
    So let me get this right... 

    A non-redeemed Jamie and Mad Queen Cersei die beneath a pile of rocks, 

    The White Walkers, and The Night King and his army of others are defeated in one night... 

    Jon becomes a Queen Slayer by killing his Queen, Lover, Aunt, who went crazy and burned down an entire city killing almost all of its people. He then reunites with Ghost and gets to live a life completely free without having to worry about Kings or Queens or the realm. 

    Bran becomes King of six kingdoms, with the implication that he may have planned for this entire scenario to happen by manipulating the time-line?

    Sansa becomes Queen in the North

    Arya becomes a care free adventurer, journeying for unknown lands beyond Westeros 

    Sam becomes Arch Maester

    Bronn becomes Master of Coin

    Davos becomes Master of Ships

    Tyrion becomes the Hand of the King/Queen for the 3rd time. 

    Brienne becomes head of the Queens Guard 

    Drogon fucks off and flies who knows where with Dany's corpse. 

    Where exactly is the bittersweet ending at? 

    Okay, King's Landing and Dany died but that seems to be it. 
    So, are fans going to go from saying that the ending was looming to to be all bitter and no sweet to now arguing that it's mostly sweet and no bitter?

    My eyes cannot possibly roll around anymore in my head without falling out of their sockets.

    Go ahead and roll them, you're free to like it but it's not really a bittersweet ending. 
    I mean, you know what "bittersweet" means, right?

    And the bittersweet ending isnt just talking about the literal last episode of the series since that was always going to focus more on what happens after. Its talking about the ending of the story, which includes the past couple of episodes as well.
    Like I said, you're free to like it. I won't critique you for it, as it's a fair opinion. But being upset because people disagree with your definition of what a bittersweet ending entails is quite patronizing to be honest. And look I'm not interested in arguing about this, it's not worth it to me. I didn't like it, you do. And that's okay.