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  • Which show had the BEST finale?

    Cheers to that. It may not be functionally my "favorite" season of television, but I'm fully convinced that Season 2 is the best season of television I've ever watched.
  • What music are you streaming?

    cdrive said:
    This is the 2nd back to back backyard happy hour sesh down an old school Aimee Mann rabbit hole. She doesn’t get enough flowers man she’s so under appreciated. I’m With Stupid is so fuckin good! 

    edit: oh wow a buddy learned me up just now on The Both, with Aimee and Ted Leo. Funny how stuff whiffs right by me! She could sing the phone book to me. 

    (wrote this yesterday, but I guess I didn't hit send.)

    That's so funny. I just went down an I'm With Stupid hole a week or two ago. It had been too long and goddamn if it didn't hit just right.  Totally agree about the 'singing the phone book' thing. 100%, She's amazing.

    I need to go back to the Both. I listened to it when it came out and dug it, but got swept up in other stuff and kind of lost sight of it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Today has been kind of an impromptu listen to solo Steve Malkmus stuff day. I've been going in order and I'm about 2/3 through Face the Truth. Man, I take for granted just how amazing this stuff is. Psyched to see Real Emotional Trash on the horizon.

    Went on to get into Real Emotional Trash and holy shit! Even better than I remembered.

  • What music are you streaming?

    I know I am going to sound super un-cool and old as hell considering this is like three years after she made it huge but I just checked out Billie Eilish for the first time this week and her album "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go" is fucking fantastic. I had heard Bad Guy before but that was probably about it.

    The production on the album is so, so good. And this just in, she has a fantastic voice. And I gotta say, some of these lyrics, while odd that it comes from a 17 year old girl are very good and it actually pulls on the heart strings towards the end as she is blatantly talking about suicide, mental health, love, etc.

    I just always turned my head because I have never been a big pop music guy but I cannot recommend this album highly enough. My car doesn't have the best soundsystem in the world but listening to See Me In A Crown blasting is quite nice. Did not expect such heavy bass throughout the album. And the way it is used is awesome.

    If that makes you super un-cool, I guess I'm in that club too (not that there was much debate before this revelation. Ha!). I'll admit that I like some stuff more than other stuff and I did start to check out a bit at points with the whole record, but there is some f'n amazing stuff on that, particularly given her age. I kind of hope we're onto the next iteration of Fiona Apple's career. Totally different sound, but she kind of evokes it to me. Bad Guy is a fuckin monster.

  • What music are you streaming?

    Thanks guys! It's really great to see you dudes! 2021 has been pretty awful so far, but it's definitely getting better. Also, I haven't had a drop of alcohol in 5 months and am trying to eat better and what not.

    It's funny that you mention Dr. Dog, @cdrive. There has been this thing on twitter where you do top 15 countdowns of artists that you dig and I did them in May and that was a really fun just deep dive into their catalog. I'm doing Cymbals Eat Guitars this month. I had also totally forgotten about that Loose Fur record over the years. I think that was the thing coming out of it that I listened to the most putting it together. That record is goddamn fantastic.

    you're right, @chinaski about 2012, and I'm right there with you on Band of Horses. That debut is f'n phenomenal. I do like most of the second record, but I just can't get into the stuff after that. If you are interested, the mixes are below, JIC. Believe it or not Tame Impala didn't make it, but I must have somehow forgotten because that's a pretty crazy oversight. Melody's Echo Chamber was on it (TI guy produced that one). I think 2012 has been my favorite year of the 200s to date (2008 is right there with it though).



    2021 been pretty weird for you too @CDrive? What's been going on? How're things with you @Chinaski? It's awesome to see you guys.

  • What music are you streaming?

    cdrive said:
    @Travis where you at, what’re you up to brother?

    Hi man! Has it really been like 3 months? Damn...

    I got kind of deflated by the login issues (I only use Chrome so I guess I was just kind of hoping it would all sort itself out, I have tried logging in every couple of weeks, but ended up in the loop). Anyhoo, how's it going?

    The other post of it is that life has been a lot. May was an incredibly challenging month on multiple fronts. I think it all kind of swallowed me for a spell. Things really seem to be normalizing a bit, which is incredibly welcome.

    I did take part in a pretty cool Twitter project where different people claimed a year or two to catch all the years from 1955 to 2020 and make a 90 minute mix for their given year (I got 2006 and 2012). The end result, aside from really enjoying the couple mixes that I made, was this pretty awesome master playlist. I've been listening to it like a radio station every now and again and it's pretty great. You end up with so many different perspectives. Here's a link if anyone is interested.

    How has everything been around here?