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    Prepping my top 25 Sharon Van Etten tunes for a Twitter daily countdown thing-y starting 3/1. I was worried about her having perhaps just barely not enough material to make it work, but goddamn she has a lot of great songs. Been a lot of fun starting to draw it up. Best revelation so far is that I kind of let Are We There get by me without getting too sucked into it, but it's a hell of a record. Sure, it's not her best, but definitely deserving of more attention than I gave it.
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    lengmo said:
    Travis said:
    Mostly the first Avengers movie was so much better for it.
    Do others agree this was really a Hulk movie?  I never see/hear that sentiment expressed but watching it makes it pretty clear IMO.  Not only a Hulk movie, of course, but he's arguably the pivotal character.

    It's an interesting notion. My gut reaction is to say that it's kind of a Hulk/Cap/Iron Man flick. Hulk definitely had a whole lot of great usage and if I had to pick just one I might lean that way, but I think at least those two are well enough represented to make me not necessarily agree. That said, he was the most interesting Avenger in the movie (Loki has a good argument for most interesting overall), and the most fun one by a lot. I wish I had this idea to think about when we watched it because I could easily be taking stuff for granted (we've watched, I think it's 10 movies in like a week so there is a little blur to factor). I think "pivotal" has a good argument because so much of the plot mechanics are on him. My gut instinct is to cosign that one.
    I'm going to meditate on this. further. Really interesting to think about.
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    Dee said:
    ray_x03 said:
    I somehow binged the entirety of Orphan Black in January. It's far from a perfect show, but pretty consistently entertaining and the characters are so charming, mostly thanks to Tatiana Maslany's brilliant performances (I may have stuck with the show longer just based on her acting alone!). It's a little convoluted but I can live with it. The science on the show mostly makes sense (with my high school biology vocabulary), save for the premise of human cloning. Anyway, don't know how many Bald Move fans have seen the show before, but I've had good fun with it. 

    I binged Orphan Black between S3 and S4 coming out and I was busting for S4 but it was all over the place so I lost interest and
    never watched the final season. How was S5? Tatiana Maslany was so incredibly good in it - she should be a much bigger star than she is.

    It's funny, this was exactly the Orphan Black experience on my house. I'm also interested in whether they rebounded for season 5. 

    Right now my wife and I are tearing our way through the MCU movies (minus the ones that Disney+ doesn't have) in timeline chronological order (except that we're holding off on Captain Marvel because we saw it not too long ago). It's been a whole lot of fun and I really think the movies play better in close proximity to each other. It all gets so convoluted and spread out that not having like a year between movies makes it all so much easier to follow. Mostly the first Avengers movie was so much better for it.
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    Happy Friday everyone!
    Just tossing it out there, if anyone wants a playlist of "slow" songs and you have Spotify here is a growing list from this Top 50 Slow Songs (Mix Tape Rules) thing that I'm a part of on Twitter. It's pretty cool and the playlist makes for a pretty nice shuffle. There are around 20 people involved at this point. For what it's worth, "slow" is kind of in the eye of the beholder and there is no solid definition.

    Oh, and @cdrive I can now say that Billie is Bob Nostanovich's wife's favorite Pavement tune. Ha!
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    cdrive said:
    @Travis. THE Bob FUCKING Nastanovich!? That’s so cool, man!!!!!
    RIGHT?! I've interacted with him a couple of times over the years. I remember I was in this sort of "top 5 songs by..." group on facebook where we would do a couple of bands a week and when we did the Silver Jews out of nowhere he popped in and proclaimed "Walnut Falcon" as his favorite SJ song, and I asked him a couple of random Pavement questions on Twitter and he's been kind enough to reply, but I didn't expect him to notice this. I hope he keeps checking in.