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  • Only Murders In The Building

    Yeah, this one reeks of a watch week to week but then watch them all again in a day or two to build to watching the last one (my wife and I do that sometimes with shows like this). I'm with them, but the story moves in a strangely erratic manner. Hard to grab onto the pacing. I'm really liking it a lot, but if I had one complaint, that would be it. It makes it feel forced sometimes, particularly with Martin Short's character (though they make that work with his character's motivations and personality with his obsession to have it conform to a play/movie structure and his desperation).
  • What are you binging right now?

    @Travis I watched the first episode of The Chair and liked it. It’s interesting and funny and I see myself at times. I’m particularly tuned in to the generational biases. 

    On a personal level I really hate when people generalize that something new isn’t liked by older peeps because baby boomers don’t get it. Perhaps it’s just because the new thing sucks. I won’t continue because this isn’t the “what grinds my gears”thread. 

    I can dig that. It does suck. I guess I don't see so much of it because I mostly just use the internet to talk music with people with an approximate median of my age and those gaps just don't come up much, but I can tell you that those stereotypes are not my experience with older folks. Sure there is a good portion of older people that I know that aren't terribly interested in now when it comes to culture and technology, but I honestly know very few curmudgeons. Lack of interest and "not getting it" are very different things. Plus, even that is soaked in generalization. Ultimately, we like our big boxes a little too much. That's for sure.
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  • Any American tax professionals out there?

    You should be fine with a HR Block sort of thing. I've never dealt with Block before, but intuitively, with it being a specific issue I would make sure they know what you're coming for in case they have a specific person that handles Gift Tax/Estate issues. I don't know for sure that they do it "departmentally" for lack of a better word, but my gut says they do.
  • Any American tax professionals out there?

    @adobo1148 For what it's worth, I ran this by my boss in a slow moment and he said that I was correct in what I told you. I'd double check that $11.7 Million figure just in case, but the quick breakdown is:

    1. Gift under $15k (per spouse), no gift tax return required
    2. Gift over $15k (per spouse, but I would make sure the write separate checks or maybe consult someone if we're talking about property) and a gift tax return is required, but no taxes will be due unless the total of your gifts exceeds $11.7M (approximately, whatever the number is).
    3. The gift amounts against the exclusion follow the estate through the end of your life and your estate has an exclusion of however much is left of the ~$11.7M.
    4. One thing to keep an eye on. The exemption doubled under the TCJA and that can expire in 2026(?). Don't know what may happen, but it's a question to maybe pose to whoever would prepare the gift tax returns and I imagine has a better handle on estate issues than I do (I just realized this expiration thing now and haven't spoken to my boss about that)..

  • Any American tax professionals out there?

    Michelle said:
    Travis said:

    I want to disclaim this before getting going. Gift taxes are not my desk, and while I did learn about them in getting my certification (I'm an EA, not a CPA), much like the Spanish and German I learned in high school, it's all Greek to me now (rimshot).

    Oops!  So sorry!!  I hope I didn't put you on the spot.  You were the first person I thought of.

    No worries at all. I still like to try to help, and I feel alright about my knowledge (at least as it relates to that particular question), but when it comes to issues like these and the potential consequences I like to lay it right out there and make it incredibly clear that I should not be considered a "professional" in that particular focus. I should be under the banner of my certification, but since it never comes up for me I'm too rusty to not disclaim, or hedge within the explanation. Mostly I don't want to give incorrect facts on accident and have someone rely on them. I'm glad you tagged me though. It got me thinking about stuff I haven't thought about in a very long time (aside from that annual exclusion which seems to come up a time or two every year).