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  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    Oh wait, does coming home from work to find Omar Rodriguez-Lopez watching Mr. Show in my living room with two of my old roommates count? Not really a "celebrity," but very notable in certain circles.

  • What grinds my gears (today)

    Our tax system is totally fucking bogus!!!
    I just finished a return for a guy and his wife. I don't fault them of course. They're very nice people. That said, they made ~$188,500 and only generated $12,800 in taxes (all eaten up by credit for kids and what was left over from the solar they did in 2018, nothing paid in and literally don't owe a dime, but those credits are legit and fine). Only $12,800 because it's all capital gains and qualified dividends. If you put that exact same amount in as a W-2 it generates $27,800 in taxes. Well more than double on the same Standard Deduction return. We have this shit so backwards. Work for a living and you pay tons more than if you already have money and just kick back and let it grow. We should treat wages like capital gains and capital gains like wages. This is a ludicrous way to structure taxes! Absolutely fucking ridiculous! This is our government presenting a value system, making the statement that there is more societal value in having your profession be "rich person who hangs out" than someone who actually works. It's bullshit!

    Just to note, this is a both parties problem. This shit has been around at least since Reagan so both parties have had plenty of opportunities to fix it. No one wants to piss off Wall Street though and apparently they all believe that they can just shine people on and say they're all about populism and not have to do anything about this. It's a joke. 
  • Problems with Al and Joe edition of Watching Dead for episode 906

    Oh man. I love Al and Joe so much. With all the respect in the world to Jim and A.Ron. I mean, you guys were my favorite team for many, many years, but Al and Joe are living at the top of my power rankings now. They just get it, you know. They bring the insight that I need. I was so bummed when Rah Rah Riverdale went away, and so abruptly at that, but I really hope this new spec episode turns into something. I mean, if you can't beat 'em, get 'em working for you. Maybe they will all make each other better (I mean, you can't really get better than Al and Joe already are, but maybe they can help J and A unlock something). Sorry. this really isn't trashing J&A. I mean you guys know I'm a huge fan, but Al and Joe are just the best there is. You got to get these dudes on the payroll.
  • I Know This Much Is True (Spoilers)

    Spandau Ballet bio-series? 
  • Writing For Fun Website I'm Hooked On

    Hi everyone,
    If anyone on here enjoys writing for fun my friend just put together this little site that I've been pretty hooked for the last couple of days. It's basically like that old game where someone writes something and then it gets passed on and continues. There is a 1,000 character limit and you can either start your own or build on what others have done. They also have a thing where when you start you can either allow people to read everything written up to that point or just the last few words from the previous post.

    It's a lot of fun, but the user base is small and it'd be that much more fun if more people were in on it so, here we are. If anyone is interested, please give it a shot.

    and here is a link to the one that I started in case having somewhere specific to launch is helpful. I used the "folded" option so it's just the last couple of words. I think I probably prefer the other way, but I thought it would be fun to see how it came out this way.