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    Euron Dany plot line question.

    I haven't read the books, all I know about it is from the spoilore podcast, so I'm missing a lot of important background info. Aron and Jim know what happens in the books, so they are pretty much 99% correct that Euron is introduced in the tv plot to give Dany the horn and ships. Before hearing this I thought Euron might not help Dany at all but use the horn to call the dragons to him to take the iron throne. I know there is a scene in the book where Euron tells one of the iron born to use it and the person blows up in flames, but would Euron blow up in flames if he used it? During his adventures at sea wasn't he hanging around warlocks and learning their tricks, one being using the horn?

    Why in the books is Euron helping Dany? What does he get out of that alliance? Also can anyone that wins the war can sit on the iron throne? Or do you have to be in the Targarian, Baratheon bloodline?

    lotta stuff here I'll try to address.

    1. The person who uses the horn in the book is one of Eurons massive goons and he just collapses and dies. They cut his open later and find his lungs have basically been charred. So no bursting into flames.

    2. Euron claims to have found the horn is Old Valyria, which in the books is a huge fucking deal because he may be the only man to have sailed through the ruins in recent history and lived to tell about it. He rolls with warlocks and there are definitely hints that his ship Silence could have some supernatural to it, probably due to blood magic. And also to follow up on the horn, the only instance we have of someone blowing it is when Eurons guy does it and he dies... So its safe to assume the horn kills the blower. In a TWOW live read chapter by GRRM Eurons brother Victarion is recruiting some grunts to each blow the horn as his ship is about to land in Meereen. 

    3. Euron is not 'helping' Dany per se... His plan is to basically have his brother kidnap her and have her and her dragons brought to him. He doesn't really explain his plan in detail on the page though... Targaryen alliance doesnt seem to have anything to do with the forefront of Eurons plan. Euron knows that he and the rest of the Ironborn don't have enough firepower to take Westeros by themselves and since he's got this dragon horn he's gonna basically steal these dragons and marry the beautiful dragon queen. The Horn is actually called Dragon Binder and the owner of the horn is supposed to have control of the dragons once it's blown... Not sure about the logistics of that though since it wont be Euron blowing it. 

    And no literally anyone can sit on the throne if you have the firepower to take it... Just so happens that it's only ever been Targaryens and Baratheons. Ned very easily could have taken the throne for himself if he wanted. Same with Jaime. 
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  • Breaking Bad s2e8 Better Call Saul


    The best way to include either Walt or Jesse in the show would be to show us something that we didnt see from Breaking Bad era Saul. Some hole to fill in, like Walt asking him to "poison" Brock etc....

    Or obviously we could end up seeing Jesse in a post breaking bad world if they choose to jump to then, which I do think they will do. Why else would they be showing Nebraska Saul?
  • Pee Pee Pants City

    I actually liked the way they adapted Negan and his speech. They took a lot of his dialogue straight from the comics.

    You guys were complaining about the pee pee pants line being because of AMC, but that line is right from the comics. They just took out some of the fucks. I really enjoyed Negans entire monologue.
  • 616 - Last Day on Earth

    It's a special mix of a show not having balls and not being well written. 

    They think they're being so smart and cute too. I stopped watching when they pulled the Glen fakeout and jumped back in to see how this Negan thing played out. 

    I won't be watching season 7. 

    Also damn, season SEVEN.... it's time to wrap this shit up 
  • 616 - Last Day on Earth

    Terrible. That sucked. It could have been good. But it sucked