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    Jim said:
    I really want to check it out but I can't until this season of Westworld is over. There's no way I want both of those shows rattling around in my head for the next 10 weeks.
    I wish you guys were covering this show! You help me understand Westworld, I could use your help with this one too
  • 307 - The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)

    brr8760 I definitely think having a weird past with religion/cults (basically the same thing) makes this show more interesting. I have the same background as Jim and A.Ron (former JW) and this show hits the nail on the head so often for me, it's crazy. Which makes me wonder if a large base of Leftovers fans have something in their past that connects them to it more than the average television watcher? What connects everyone here? Just great television, or something more?
  • 307 - The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)

    Are we meant to think that "the other place" is a real place or just Kevin's subconscious?  I was expecting Laurie to show up as Secretary of Defense and then as Vice President, and when she didn't, I realized, well Kevin doesn't know she's dead, so it makes sense she wouldn't be a part of this, but then I remembered David Burton, and Kevin never even knew him at all, yet he has been in all of these "other place" episodes. Also, how long do we think he was actually under water for? 4-6 minutes without oxygen and your brain cells start to die and then at about 10 minutes, you are brain dead. Were they keeping him under until he passed out and then waiting for him to wake up on his own?  If that's the case, why did he start spitting up water when he was in the limo with Evie, and as he crawls out the limo window we see him being carried off my John and Michael?  That to me indicates they had kept him under the entire time, which had to be more than 5 minutes? 

    Like someone has already said, I was a little disappointed that he in fact went back to "the other place" because I was hoping for something that we hadn't seen already, but I am glad that he blew it up and we got closure with it. 

  • 601 NO SPOILERS!!! - "The Red Woman"

    April_May_June... I agree, loved the episode, but this was actually a shorter episode compared to most others. The "last time on" was much longer than usual and they had the behind the scenes stuff with Benioff and Weiss at the end. It was probably only about 45 mins long with all of that taken into account. I hope we get some longer episodes, I can't get enough!!
    What an amazing episode! 
    When it was over, I was like "Oh no!  Already?!"  My husband had to point out the fact that it actually was a longer episode than usual, lol. 
    I can't help it.  I love this show so much.  I can't wait until next episode.

  • The Path

    Just watched the first episode and immediately came here to see if you guys were going to podcast this. As an ex- j dub myself, I like hearing your take on religious mind fucking :) the religion of the show called Meyerism reminds me of a mix of Scientology and hippie communes with a touch of JW rhetoric (prophecies being fulfilled like natural disasters/political instability etc. that will throw the world into chaos, and only these believers will be saved and will one day live in a "garden"). I think it's right up your alley guys!