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  • Star Wars - General Discussion (Spoilers all)

    I would argue good Star Wars stories can be done.  

    Both the Kotor games are great examples of taking things we know (Jedi, Sith, superweapons) and doing them in a distant past where nothing really ties directly to the OT.  

    In fact one of the best things Lucas probably ever did was forbid most of the EU creators from messing with the movie cannon.  

    It actually challenged people to go beyond the films.  

    But that's how bad the Prequels were (though in hindsight I admire that at least Lucas was always about doing something new or different).  People forget we had a good decade of good Star Wars spin-of media before fans turned on the series.  
  • Star Wars - General Discussion (Spoilers all)

    I agree with Rich Evans.  Star Wars is creativity bankrupt. 

    They are so so so afraid of trying something new that even if they hire hot Directors/writers they end up firing them because it wasn't "star wars" enough.  

    Basically what that means is every new movie is doomed to be cripled by some executive cramming "things we know" into the movie.  

    TLJ was a perfect example of this.  You had a chase movie where the entire film grinds to a halt in act 2 so we can get the casino scness so TLJ can have it's canteena moment.  

    Not every damn film needs a cantina scene.  Not every film needs to be shoehorned into being about rebels vs the Empire.  

    Until we can get a star wars movie where it can stand on its own without needing any of these references or tie ins I don't think I will care much.  At least JJ knows how to make an entetaentert movie so episode 9 will at least be a fun watcb even though we all know there won't be real payoffs to anything that has been set up.  

    As much as I hated TLJ I hope Rian Johnson really does get to tell a story in his trilogy that isn't shackled to the old films. 

  • 210 - The Passenger

    Just binged the last 4 episodes.  I haven't got time to really go back and rewatch, but did they do some creative editing to skip over what happened to William after Bernard shot Delores in the flashback?  Because it looked like he and Bernard should have run into each other. 

    Unless I have really missed something Ford said in episode 9 that Delos' project "found him".  That is host William right aka MIB escaped the Forge and found him right?  It has to be, and they are doing all they can to make us think he is human to save that reveal for next season.  

    I also don't know if the show actually agrees with the Forge's assessment that humans are so predictable that they can easily be understood/copied.  

    Numerous times the remaining humans in the show went against their character or drive. 

    Lee played the Hero.  

    Felix/other guy didn't betray Mauve when they had a perfect opportunity to do so at the end.  

    Stubbs (though I'm pretty sure he implied he is a host) let Delores leave even though he knew she was inside Hale. 

    And the biggest evidence for humans being more unpredictable than the Forge thinks is Elsie.  Ford, who is probably just a cynical as the Forge AI, was convinced Elsie would betray Bernard.  She didn't.  

    The fact is the Forge isn't prefect yet, and I'm not sure the show has given us enough evidence to just trust the Forge AI that it isn't flawed it is just humans are too simple to copy.  

    IMO the show is just running into what any story that deals with the copying of conciseness runs into if it isn't smart enough to just address the problem directly.  

    The fact is just like you can't disprove God using logic, you can't ever ever ever prove that a copy of a person would be exact due to the Chinese Room argument.

    Due to the closed nature of consciousness you CAN NEVER KNOW if you copy someone.  Because it is entirely possible to just create a copy that answers all of your questions exactly like you expect, but is just doing so in an algorithm (aka what the Forge is doing).  There is absolutely no test you can develop that could really make sure you had a "true" copy.  

    I guess TLDR I think the show still wants us to be questioning if the Hosts are really just that much better than humans or if there is really a difference at all once you copy a human into a host body.  

    Teddy seemed to make a pretty good argument that so what if the Hosts can rewrite their drives? Does that really make them better? He certainly didn't think so and he is probably the most fucked with Host in the park next to Delores.  

    Overall I'm looking forward to next season, and I'm wondering if we aren't going to have like a  multiple decades time skip (as mentioned that was how long it would take to sort out Bernard's brain).   I'm pretty sure Delores didn't rebuild a new Bernard but just pulled out his core after she shot him.  
  • 205 - "Akane No Mai"

    I almost wonder if the 10 episode prestige drama format of the show is working against it.  I loved Shogun World and am nostalgic for a time in TV where shows could just do these one episode silo character arcs like the later Star Trek did.  And if they had 26 episodes instead of 10 these set piece episodes would be easier to fit into a season.  

    IMO they have one too many simultaneous plotlines going on.  Last seasons had two and they doubled that this season and I just don't feel like it is as tight of a story. 

    It did not surprise me last episode when A Ron said they had inside info that editing had been done to some of this in post production even after it was all put together.  

    This feels a bit disjointed, like they screened it, realized some of the plots weren't working and went back and rearranged everything.  

    Overall I'm still enjoying Mauve's arc with the humans as comic relief and Williams arc.  The future Bernard storyline has lost me a bit because like others have said I find the ineptitude of Delos security/corporate to be stretching believability to the maximum.  I also just don't like anything they are doing with Delores.  
  • Avengers: Infinity War Spoilers and Theories

    I liked the movie.  My one real complaint is I wish I could see it without knowing all the behind the scenes stuff.  

    Like I know this version of Spiderman isn't dead.  Sony would never allow it.  

    I know iron Man is going to die next movie. It cost them $200 MILLION dollars to get Robert Downey Jr back for these films.  He was 1/5 the entire budget of the movie.  We know Chris Evans doesn't want to come back.  

    Overall I liked the movie.  Definitely wasn't expecting Thanos to essentially be the protagonist of the movie.