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  • Things you miss and can no longer get

    Lime flavored apple tastes like the devils asshole.  

    You have all these great citrus flavors and then boom your hit with the awful green apple flavor that doesn't remotely taste like any apple I have ever eaten (and I love granny smith apples).  

    And then it isn't food, but I miss being able to just go out on a drive or to the store without a phone or the expectation that I can be reached 24 hours a day.  Sure I can just not take my phone, but that still doesn't remove the expectation from the rest of society that I SHOULD have it and why don't I answer.  
  • 210 - The Passenger

    Just binged the last 4 episodes.  I haven't got time to really go back and rewatch, but did they do some creative editing to skip over what happened to William after Bernard shot Delores in the flashback?  Because it looked like he and Bernard should have run into each other. 

    Unless I have really missed something Ford said in episode 9 that Delos' project "found him".  That is host William right aka MIB escaped the Forge and found him right?  It has to be, and they are doing all they can to make us think he is human to save that reveal for next season.  

    I also don't know if the show actually agrees with the Forge's assessment that humans are so predictable that they can easily be understood/copied.  

    Numerous times the remaining humans in the show went against their character or drive. 

    Lee played the Hero.  

    Felix/other guy didn't betray Mauve when they had a perfect opportunity to do so at the end.  

    Stubbs (though I'm pretty sure he implied he is a host) let Delores leave even though he knew she was inside Hale. 

    And the biggest evidence for humans being more unpredictable than the Forge thinks is Elsie.  Ford, who is probably just a cynical as the Forge AI, was convinced Elsie would betray Bernard.  She didn't.  

    The fact is the Forge isn't prefect yet, and I'm not sure the show has given us enough evidence to just trust the Forge AI that it isn't flawed it is just humans are too simple to copy.  

    IMO the show is just running into what any story that deals with the copying of conciseness runs into if it isn't smart enough to just address the problem directly.  

    The fact is just like you can't disprove God using logic, you can't ever ever ever prove that a copy of a person would be exact due to the Chinese Room argument.

    Due to the closed nature of consciousness you CAN NEVER KNOW if you copy someone.  Because it is entirely possible to just create a copy that answers all of your questions exactly like you expect, but is just doing so in an algorithm (aka what the Forge is doing).  There is absolutely no test you can develop that could really make sure you had a "true" copy.  

    I guess TLDR I think the show still wants us to be questioning if the Hosts are really just that much better than humans or if there is really a difference at all once you copy a human into a host body.  

    Teddy seemed to make a pretty good argument that so what if the Hosts can rewrite their drives? Does that really make them better? He certainly didn't think so and he is probably the most fucked with Host in the park next to Delores.  

    Overall I'm looking forward to next season, and I'm wondering if we aren't going to have like a  multiple decades time skip (as mentioned that was how long it would take to sort out Bernard's brain).   I'm pretty sure Delores didn't rebuild a new Bernard but just pulled out his core after she shot him.  
  • Podcast Wrapup - April 24th

    IMO it's a good call to end the podcast.  

    We quit watching in my house after the Glenn dumpster fiasco and my wife couldn't stand to watch the Negan introduction.  

    I basically just made peace with the fact that this show would never be what made me fall in love with it in season 1.  

    Carl dieing should be the last nail in the coffin for anyone holding out hope that things will get better.  

    His death is a clear message to the cast and crew.  

    AMC would rather burn down the show then pay a penny extra for anyone.  

  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    Where exactly does a small band of Crastor's white walker spawn and a hundred thousand skeletons managed to find some 8 inch thick chains that are hundreds of feet long north of the Wall? Especially when we know the Children of the Forest didn't forge iron.
  • 308 - The Book of Nora

    In the 2% universe, the loss was so catastrophic that everyone who lived through it was able to move on. In the 98% universe the loss was small and yet so disturbing that it wreaked havoc for 7+ years.

    The structural issues of the 2% universe are real (though I think nuclear power plants shut themselves down if nobody is at the controls), but I can appreciate the concept thematically.

    Love the imagery with the scape goat loaded up with everyone's sins, but Nora didn't contribute any, and then Nora climbing up to rescue the goat taking all of the sins upon herself.
    Actually the thing people don't like to talk about nuclear power is that yes in theory the reactor would shut down and put the control rods into the reactor to make sure a meltdown didn't happen.

    However, this turns the reactor into a ticking timebomb. Because the not talked about fucked thing about nuclear power is that since we don't want to ruin the environment by putting spent fuel there it's just sitting in cooling ponds outside every reactor.

    This spent fuel requires fresh cold water to be pumped on top of it or it eventually builds up enough steam to cause an explosion.

    So when a reactor shuts down it is left to gas generators to run the pumps, assuming other outside power has been interrupted. When the generators run out of gas it's only a matter of time before the spent fuel causes an explosion.

    Now this isn't atomic bomb levels of devastation, but you wouldn't want to be within 100 or so when it fails. Imagine Fukashima, but in every major city in the developed world.