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  • Maniac (Netflix)

    I really liked this show and was surprised to see it with a high RT rating, usually odder shows like this are divisive. I really appreciated how it had the weirdness of something like Legion without the pretentiousness, it was all satisfyingly rooted enough. 

    And no other show in recent memory made me think of so many different influences, or just things about it that reminded me of a movie, even if it was just one scene or shot. 

    The set/visuals did this the most, I haven't seen the movie in ages but I couldn't stop thinking of Brazil as I watched this show. It's like a late '70s-'80s 'futuristic' interpretation of our current age, except I think they used all real cars and I don't recall one newer than the '90s Miata. 

    But it made me think of several shows/movies even if for one fleeting scene or theme, like Black Mirror, Bladerunner, A Clockwork Orange, hell even Cloud Atlas after the second or third dream stage thing. 
  • 4.06 Piñata

    So much piñata trauma. Jimmy should have at the very least forced the douchebags to pay back what they stole, I don't like how he seems to have just let them off the hook for stealing from him and kicking the crap out of him, I don't buy that he's going to be taken seriously and respected without at the very least evening that out. 

    I really liked the warehouse parts, even though it makes no sense. They're in a huge warehouse but they only get two 2BR trailers? Wtf why? There's absolutely no reason for that. The most obvious easy thing to do is to simply get them each an RV or popup camper trailer to roll up in the warehouse, or honestly just simple built-up rooms like at conventions, and have a few built-up bathrooms in the warehouse for everyone to use. I'd also put a single larger kitchen/cafeteria out there that's much better some crappy RV/trailer cooking. 

  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan S1 (spoilers possibly)

    I just finished it, I have a few issues with it here and there and there was one whole C plot that I didn't like but overall I enjoyed it very much. It's really well cast and John Krasinksi and Wendell Pierce are particularly good together, there's a line that Greer says to Jack in the last episode or two that made me laugh out loud.

    Overall I'd describe it as a more intelligent 24 compared to traditional Clancy fare, but it's still pretty true to the spirit of the series. 
  • Top 10 Canadian Heritage Minutes

    Flukes said:
    This has *always* been my favourite.  Edit: I responded without watching the original clip. I stand by my selection, although Plante is a close second.

    My wife is from Nova Scotia, but I have to admit this Heritage Minute is my first love from the east coast.

    Yeah the Halifax explosion must have been otherworldly, it was the largest man-made explosion in human history until the nuclear bomb. It was loaded with TNT and picric acid, another explosive used in artillery shells in WW1. The explosion leveled buildings up to a half mile away and sent massive heavy pieces of the ship flying for miles, one of the anchors was found about two miles away from the explosion.
  • A few good men discussion

    Great movie and podcast. Here's a video of a trial lawyer giving input about some of the scenes from the movie: