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  • Aamzon Prime > Netflix

    asmallcat said:
    This will never be true until Amazon fixes its absolutely garbage UI for both PC's and consoles. 
    I'll take Amazon's cluttered unrefined interface over Netflix's dumpster fire piece of shit UI any goddamn day. No doubt partially because I don't have a 4k TV yet so I don't have to fuss with finding those specific listings, but I detest Netflix's UI from their website to iOS to PS4, and the autoplay preview videos are completely inexcusable.

    And Amazon Prime's X-ray metadata system is fantastic and should be emulated by all the other streaming services. 
  • Top 10 Canadian Heritage Minutes

    Flukes said:
    This has *always* been my favourite.  Edit: I responded without watching the original clip. I stand by my selection, although Plante is a close second.

    My wife is from Nova Scotia, but I have to admit this Heritage Minute is my first love from the east coast.

    Yeah the Halifax explosion must have been otherworldly, it was the largest man-made explosion in human history until the nuclear bomb. It was loaded with TNT and picric acid, another explosive used in artillery shells in WW1. The explosion leveled buildings up to a half mile away and sent massive heavy pieces of the ship flying for miles, one of the anchors was found about two miles away from the explosion.

    Chinaski said:
    i go softest bun in the house, medium well (i go medium rare with steaks but too much pink just doesn't work with ground beef with me), american cheese, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and mustard. cut in half.
    I never want to see pink in ground meat. I've eaten steak raw before, I like them seared on the outside cold on the inside, but here's the deal, bacteria grow in the meat where exposed to air, which is why you can fry a steak black on the outside, raw inside and eat it and not get sick, when you grind the meat, all of it has been exposed to air. 

    If you're cooking steakburgers at home you can get around this by pasteurizing the steaks before you grind them. Place steaks into boiling water for 15-20 seconds, grind & cook.
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 3 - "Fix"

    The_D said:
    We know that the facility is in St. Louis from the sign on the building in one of the episodes first shots. I assume it happened after she left Wind Gap and was living as an adult in St Louis.  Very probably the event her boss is so fixated on so probably very recent but before he assigns her the Wind Gap story. Camille looks to be about the same age or close to as she is now. 
    I didn't notice the sign but I thought it was extremely odd that people here were assuming that was in Wind Gap, why an ultra-tiny town of 2000 would have its own mental hospital. I just assumed it was near St. Louis and agree that this was the event that her boss was talking about overcoming, so therefore taking place fairly recently before he sends here to Wind Gap.
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 2 - "Dirt" - No Book Spoilers!

    JaimieT said:

    • In observing Camille's family more, I think Camille has always been the scapegoat daughter. Her younger sister was the golden child, just as Amma is now. (Here's a good write-up of the scapegoat v. golden child in a narcissist's home.) The thing about the golden child in psychology... they aren't perfect, they face their own hardships. They receive abuse, just a different kind. But from what I've researched, they naturally take after their parent a lot more (which is why the parent attaches to them so strongly). Having a scapegoat helps unite a dysfunctional family. Amma threw Camille under the bus at the end of the episode, playing along with their mother's scapegoating of Camille, and Camille responded childishly to that, getting annoyed as though it was personal... which is totally understandable. I don't mean that in a judgy way. I just mean I don't think it was personal. Amma is young and she has to act this way in order to survive. Disagreeing with her mother would be a hell she's had no experience with, and silently disagreeing with her mother is too risky. Better to express agreement and move on. I don't see this as disordered behavior; I see it as a victim trying to survive. I do think she's a burgeoning narcissist, but I don't think the dark side has consumed her yet.
    If Camille's sister had a chronic illness, I can totally see why she was Camille's mother's "golden child", because one of my dark triad family members is like an illness-seeking missile. She loves to latch onto people who have serious/terminal illnesses because:

    • The targets are grateful for the help and/or too weak to challenge her dominating behavior.
    • It allows her to play the martyr/saint and be told what a wonderful help she is being.
    • She gets to steal attention from the target's visitors.
    • She gets to remind everyone how irrelevant their problems are compared to poor so-and-so.
    • I think she actually enjoys watching them suffer.
    I'll have to re-listen to the podcast to get the names of these characters. I'm too scared to look them up on the internet because spoilers.
    Have you seen Mommy Dead and Dearest on HBO? That doc will turn your stomach.

    So these are the seemingly relevant character names:

    Adora - Camille's mother
    Alan - Adora's husband
    Amma - Camille's half sister (daughter??)
    Jackie - Camille's image-obsessed alcoholic (as if that narrows anything down) friend
    Willis - out of town detective
    Ann - first victim 
    Natalie - second victim
    Frank - Camille's boss/ guy that digs up dino DNA for Jurassic Park