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  • Can't Login to the Forums?

    I'm glad this is fixing the issue but I'm pretty uncomfortable turning off security features for something as janky as this forum as been.
  • Vinny, Brad, and Alex are leaving Giant Bomb and I am very sad

    Listening to Jeff on his garage stream last night was weirdly therapeutic. He was very open about how much this sucks and all the emotions it's brought up, but the thing that really stuck out to me was he said this has been going on behind the scenes for "a month" which is way shorter than what I was assuming. He also said things like "the bombcast is the bombcast" which was really reassuring, it sounds like they're going to cobble together whatever crew they need to to make sure that keeps going. I think I'm coming around a lot more to how you've been looking at it @Murderbear
  • Post a Life Hack

    This is a super common one but if your shower head sucks, get a new one. They're not that expensive and you use that thing every day. Also get a pillow you really like.
  • Vinny, Brad, and Alex are leaving Giant Bomb and I am very sad

    GB as we know it is pretty much dead so I don't think its a guarantee they even keep the name or do the podcast unless they're forced to by their parent company. It seems weird to keep calling it that without at least one of Vinny Brad or Alex but who knows. They could just roll everything into whatever it is Bakalar is doing and maybe Jeff G morphs into his final form as like the Bill Simmons of video games. Nothing would be surprising at this point. I'll be in on whatever it is.

    As far as Jeff staying on, he announced over the weekend they're having their second kid so it's not too surprising he doesn't want to start completely from scratch, but I don't want to speculate too much on his personal life.

  • Vinny, Brad, and Alex are leaving Giant Bomb and I am very sad

    Not really related to BM at all but I know there are a lot of fans here.

    I am really sad, GB has been a massive part of my life for nearly a decade now and it looks like this is the end of the site as we currently know it. They rekindled my love for video games after falling out of the hobby during college and have been a constant presence in my life since then. A lot of cool threads going around on twitter and various places sharing thoughts and highlights but if anything it's just making me more sad.

    They haven't said anything directly but from speculation I've seen it looks like this is related to them being acquired by Red Ventures and RV not really understanding what they bought since the move was mostly for CNET and Gamespot. These private venture assholes killed Deadspin and now Giant Bomb, nothing good can live anymore even if it's successful unless some corporate ghoul sees the correct amount of growth opportunity or whatever the fuck.