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  • 103 - "The Dog"

    The scene where they are going through the garden felt like they were promoting Halloween Horror Nights at Universal a little 
    how in the world is travis' truck still in one piece during the riots? lots of LOLs in this episode...we may need to start watching it like RockyHorror or Showgirls!
    I feel confident that Travis' 30+ year old truck is going to break down at the most inconvenient of times.

    This^ Every time I see either Travis' old as shit truck or his with 1999 kia sedan all I can think is, damn these cars are gonna get flipped over or explode at some point this season or the next. Usually when shows use older/cheap cars like this it's because they need to have multiple ones available for crashes and different stunts. I'm really surprised they didn't Hundyai or Ford to sponsor the show like they did for OG walking dead. 
  • 103 - "The Dog"

    We need to talk about how Nick (the junkie, don't care if some people on here think it's an offensive term) has been wearing that dead old man's clothes for several days now. I mean he had a seizure and vomited all over himself and he hasn't changed yet. I know he's an addict and probably is most worries about getting his next fix at this point but still I'm sure his sister has some little half shirt he's be very comfortable if he just would ask . 

  • Season 7 Wrap Up Podcast!

    Since you guys are going to be discussing the series as a whole hopefully during the wrap up cast I thought it would be interesting if you guys talked about any characters whom you would have liked to see again who maybe left the show too early for you or maybe you wanted them to pop up in the final season. Of course for me that character would have to be Sal. Recently saw the episode where he was fired during the AMC marathon and wanted more closure for that character. He tells Don he rejected Lee Garner Jr's advances because he's a bully. Don more than implies that Sal should have just bent over and taken it from him if it meant keeping him happy and dismissively says, "you people." Finally the last time we see Sal he's calling his wife from Central Park telling her he'll be home late and disappears into the forest with other men obviously there tohookup (1960's version of Grindr). Would have been nice to see him come back like Kinsey but I digress.....
  • 714 - "Person to Person"

    Are we to believe that at the very end Don went back to MCCaN wrote the Coke ad and took care of his kids?
  • 714 - "Person to Person"

    I can't think of anything deep to say except I am kinda bummed about how Don's kids were left off. Their real father had to go 'find himself' in a hippie colony when your mom died sorry? He couldn't raise you.