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  • 302 - Don't Be Ridiculous

    I have accepted the name of "Lazy-assed Professional". Damn, that's pretty on the nose.
  • 302 - Don't Be Ridiculous

    After Nora had her problems with touchscreen and the parking gate, I thought it was related to her problem with the electronic door sensor at the convenience store.  I then remembered that the door sensor happened to her character in Fargo last week.  Is that purely a coincidence?  Has to be.

    Did anyone else have that crossover reaction when watching?
  • How did you get into Bald Move?

    I started seeing these two guys standing outside of my house dressed in white & smoking cigarettes all the time, until I questioned the purpose of living.  At that point, I joined Bald Move.


    Aron - GOT
    Jim - True Detective

  • Penny Dreadful Episode 304: "A Blade of Grass"

    Eva Green should be swimming in Emmys like Scrooge McDuck swims in gold coins. Jesus Christ, I've never seen anything like her performance. I got pretty misty eyed during the head shaved scene and I literally shouted "YEAH!!!" when she started chanting and levitating. The whole episode was so powerful and it culminated so beautifully into that scene. I say it constantly this show should be flat out ridiculous, but they sell it so beautifully and the performances are so amazing that it is honestly my favorite thing running right now (note: I am so far behind on GoT that I don't watch it currently so I can't speak to that as an alternative). I have been racking my brain, and I do tend to be a prisoner of the moment when it comes to these things, but honestly when you factor in the degree of difficulty I can't think of a performance that has ever impressed me more than Eva Green does here. It's just crazy. Absolutely nuts how well she sells this character.

    Forget the Emmy's, I'm more concerned about the Baldies.  Eva Green has no shot at a Baldie if Jim never watches the show.  There must be some way that we can get Aron & Cecily to strap Jim in a chair a la Clockwork Orange style, and force feed him the show's run.
  • "American Gods" Coming to Starz

    @DaveyMac Thanks for the update.  I'm also very happy with that casting news. 

    Although, now I have to get out of my head the image I've carried of Mr. Wednesday since I first read American Gods a few years ago.  From the first, I've pictured him as the character/actor "The Most Interesting Man in The World" from the Dos Equis commericals.