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    Dee said:
    LordBy said:

    Organic farming is horrible for land use, water use, carbon emissions, and efficiency. If the world went organic it’d be murder for global warming
    I’ve never heard this before, can you point me somewhere I can read more about it? 
    Sure Dee, here is a link to a study. You can read the abstract, but the full piece is behind a pay wall: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-018-0757-z

    Here is a link to blog discussion of it that isn’t behind a pay wall: https://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/more-evidence-organic-farming-is-bad/
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    OK but things like trickle down economics and climate and evolution denial are clearly defined pieces of the right wing orthodoxy that you can see extremely well represented in our government from figures on the right. The things you're listing are just like, popular in Portland or whatever. Every single thing does not have to be both sides are equally bad.
    Indeed. I mentioned trickle-down and evolution in my initial post, but the stuff that seemed to require more explanation was the stuff I mentioned on the left.
    Most of the things I listed are not just, like, popular in Portland, or whatever. I’m sure the Pacific Northwest has more than its fair share of fringe lefties, but this stuff is far more widespread though I’m certainly not saying they are majority positions on the left.

    I didn’t say both sides are equally bad. The right’s brand of anti-science is causing worse problems right now for sure. I’m just saying don’t get too smug. Many folks have positions they haven’t truly considered in a skeptical fashion and there may come a time when the left’s brand of anti-science may become the bigger problem if we’re complacent.
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    Sorry this was oversimplified.
    The anti-Vax movement started off on the left, but has defiantly spread to both sides of the political spectrum and is probably more on the right now with the MAGAfication of the GOP.
    Anti-GMO is still more left than right
    Organic movement is still more left than right (Organic farming is horrible for land use, water use, carbon emissions, and efficiency. If the world went organic it’d be murder for global warming, and still many millions more would die of starvation due to decreased crop yields)
    Carbs was shorthand for crazy diets. I’d put gluten in there (except for the small percentage of folks with Celiac Disease) along with the fanatical vegans, keto, paleo, etc. (Don’t all come at me at once on this, I know folks are oddly-defensive when it comes to their diets)
    Alternative Medicine is more left than right. I wasn’t lumping faith healing in there, but the faith healing folks are outnumbered by those who roll with chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, herbal, traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki, essential oils, etc.

    Just saying that there are plenty of folks on all sides of the political spectrum who could benefit from a bit more skeptical thinking.
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    Agree the war on science has been raging for at least 20, if not 40, years.
    On the Right it’s against evolution, climate change, economics (trickledown), and more-recently epidemiology (Coronavirus).
    On the Left it’s against GMOs, agronomy (organic), modern medicine (alternative medicine), carbohydrates, and epidemiology (Vaccines).

    The lack of critical thinking in the USA is increasingly alarming.
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    nstinson said:
    Does nobody see the irony here?  Maybe @Redrum0376 is never coming back to read this thread.  Maybe they just hurled a bomb in here out of anger with no intention to discuss their grievance.  Maybe the post was made in bad faith.  They aren't the first one to do this, and they won't be the last.  Am I the only one who can take their post in good faith and engage with that criticism?  I get that you're all uncomfortable with the conversation, but the behavior in this thread is a perfect illustration of exactly what I said above.  It's a dog pile.  
     You are definitely not required to debate @Redrum0376's position here just because you disagree with it, but that doesn't mean you should all dismiss it with ass-eating syrup memes.  

    I'll Stan for BM all day long.  I love the content, and I love the added value I get with that.  Today, I am very disappointed in the community.  (@Hatorian excluded, you responded in good faith.)  

    This thread starts off with a gripe.  One that on it's face seems inflammatory and divisive.  The first 2 responses are FORUM MODERATORS immediately starting in with jokes.  Maybe your intent was to diffuse the situation, but this thread has completely devolved in to bullying.  Engage with the topic or let the thread die, I don't care.  Just don't hijack it and turn somebodies hurt into a joke.

    I agree with all of this post and with Ben. If you're not one of the forum regulars, you seem sort of cast off and get flamed pretty easily for airing dissenting opinions (especially if it's clumsily done). *shrug* I don't pay for BM for the community, since I (like Ben) feel like an outsider. I do want to see them succeed though
    This is legit, but the in/out dynamic is not intentional or mean spirited. I think it’s a natural dynamic of any group that has interacted for years to feel a little cliquey with their mutual familiarity and inside jokes/history, but I truly believe that the group is open to new entrants if you put effort into interacting on the forums for a time.

    I know that’s putting the burden on the newcomers and that’s not great, but it’s hard to change that kind of dynamic with group of folks who are familiar with one another.

    Maybe we should start a “Welcome to the Forums” thread for newer people to have a space to introduce themselves and interact with folks while at the same time the regulars would know it isn’t the place for inside humor, criticism of phrasing, or dissenting views?

    I don’t know what the solution is, but it’s not an unjustified criticism.