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  • Eating Their Own. And their $$$

    Baldmove miss treats its club members by unfairly shutting out dissenting views. Not Jim, but Aron. Aron doesnt want to engage in reasonable debate. He has let his politics interfere with his business. I love their content but now I understand why they are losing memberships. 

    Let me be clear, I am a 25 yr registered Democrat and believe strongly in progressive politics. Still not enough for Aron. He demands that all his followers on all his affiliated social media platforms tow the line.

    Good luck to Jim. 

    Just peeked in at the forums and wow.

    I guess the ideal response to this would be something along the lines of: I’m sorry you feel this way. That doesn’t sound like the A.Ron that we know. Would you care to expand on your experience or to tell us what happened?

    That said, this is not a post that lends itself to being taken seriously and that’s not the fault of anyone here. Let’s break it down seriously though:
    1. Baldmove mistreats it’s club members
    2. Baldmove unfairly shuts out dissenting views
    3. Okay not Baldmove just A.Ron
    4. A.Ron’s politics are interfering with his business
    5. This is from a 25yr progressive democrat
    6. A.Ron demands his followers on social media platforms tow the line
    7. Jim is cool though

    1 & 2 are nullified by 3 & 6. This is a problem that the OP has with A.Ron on his non-BM social media, not with BM or the forums on which it was posted. Also is the OP a club member, or are they offended on behalf of a group of which they aren’t a part.

    4 is more-meaty in that BM knows that politics have affected membership, which is part of the reason that political debates on the forums are discouraged now and that politics are discussed less on the BM podcasts. Whether the actions are enough for some folks, and whether the loss of business is worth it for BM could be an interesting discussion.

    5 Looks like some kind of attempt at virtue signaling. You can be a long-time hard-core right-wing member of the GOP and still be a perfectly pleasant person to have a debate with. You can be a liberal progressive and be an intolerable asshole. And vice versa. So this is kind of an empty statement.

    7 Yes, Jim is cool.

    So to me the only real point that is discussable is 4, but this is from someone who apparently had a beef with A.Ron on non-BM social media so it really isn’t what they seem to intend to discuss.

    I suspect this may be fallout from the Swizzbold TERF podcast, just because there is some contentious liberal on liberal disagreement on the topic, but who knows?

    I’d welcome the OP to come back and talk about their experience, but it looks like a Twitter or Reddit beef unrelated to BM from what little has been said.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    fidoz said:
    I no longer worry about covid since our president said if we just stop testing it will go away. 
    Did you know that you can’t get pregnant if you don’t take a pregnancy test, and you can’t catch a STD if you don’t get tested for STDs?

    I can’t believe all of the lies I was told in Sex Ed.
  • Protests Across the America

    I have whiplash from seeing some of the same people who protested government overreach and fascism with lockdown recommendations or mandates due to the Coronavirus, now demanding an invasion by the active duty military to control the cities because they’re scared.

    They were quoting Franklin in support of protesting lockdowns: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    Where is that Benjamin Franklin spirit now folks? It’s only been a month, did y’all forget?
    ken haleDeeBenMarciElisa
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Think about how much energy and resources America spends making sure that nobody gets even slightly more than they "deserve" even during something like a global pandemic with mass unemployment.
    OMG what if they spend it and help stimulate the economy? Oh the horror of those greedy freeloaders spending money which will help the economy start moving again!

    The idea that folks are more worried about some working people getting one over on the system to have some extra cash to spend than they are about the large scale manipulation of the system by big interests, or even just by people with government relationships, is crazy. Stepping over suitcases full of money to pick up pennies.

    There is not enough stimulus. Many industries will take years to recover in the best of scenarios, and some just won’t ever recover. The great thing about putting money into the pockets of people who live paycheck to paycheck is that the money flows right back out into the economy. Penny-pinching with this kind of nonsense, aid to state and local governments, etc., is going to look really foolish in the eyes of history.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    The anti-vax movement is already gearing-up to oppose the future vaccine and efforts at contact tracing.

    The lack of strong, consistent, national leadership in the US will result in a painful resurgence of the virus over the next few months and that same lack of leadership will make a repeat lockdown largely ineffective.

    If we do climb up to that potential 3,000 deaths per day in June, a run rate of 90,000 per month, we’ll end up with over 500,000 this year. Flirting with US Civil War level fatalities.

    Look around at the countries who have managed this better. There are many. You don’t need to be draconian autocrats like China. Look at South Korea, New Zealand, Iceland, etc.

    It’s increasingly embarrassing to be an American.