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  • What can you tell me about KETO?

    That kind of ketosis/binge-break/ketosis/binge-break cycle is bad for diabetics. It’s easier to control a diabetic with a consistently bad diet than one who cycles like this between good and bad unpredictably. End up either over-treating while you’re being good, or under-treating it while you’re bad, or both,

    Find a reasonably-good diet that doesn’t drive you off of it periodically.
  • What can you tell me about KETO?

    Some Type 2 diabetics can control with a careful diet regimen, some Type 2 can be “cured” with significant weight loss if you’re overweight. Some Type 2 diabetics can’t.

    I’d encourage you to find a diet that works for you on a sustainable basis as this is more likely than not to be a chronic problem that could be made worse by jumping on and off of unsustainable diets. You do not need to go full Keto. If you want to and you’re not Type 1, then it’s probably okay though talk it over with your doctor and be confident that you can live with the diet long term,

    Avoid people who think that their solution is the perfect one regardless of the details of your individual circumstances or what your doctor and science says. They’re brainwashed.
  • Expanse Season 4 All Episode Spoilers

    Agree they did an admirable job of adapting a difficult book. Chad Coleman was there, just not for very long.
  • Season 4

    They dropped it a little early on Amazon. Just finished Ep 1
  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    JaimieT said:
    @Murderbear - "Obviously if you have eyeballs or have paid attention at all, it's obvious why someone would fall in love with Angela as she is an amazing badass."

    Nothing about why Doctor Manhattan would do anything is obvious to me, since there is no precedent -- or not much precedent, only his past actions. And I find it extremely interesting, but alas.

    @LordBy - Compelling point about similarities with Lori. Maybe I'd have a good explanation if I saw these events; maybe they play out with a certain je ne sais quoi. I personally always felt he got with Lori due to her proximity and her sweet young ass, because he ended up dumping older women, twice, so it seemed like an act of fucking convenience, but IDK.

    @CapeGabe - Yeah, but why does he notice them in the first place? Okay, question: did he have some reason to notice Angela? Maybe that will be shown. Maybe she like, walks on water next episode at a moment when past him was paying attention to the future, and he was like "wow this woman can walk on water" and then he found her, and then he showed her how to walk on water to close the loop.

    (Edit: oh sorry he's always paying attention to the future)
    Lol, I’m just saying he seems to have a type. I’m not saying that he won’t dump his current hook-up for the next one his type who strolls by with a sweeter younger ass.