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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    It was a decent tie-up from a flawed setup.

    Jon killing Danny? Great and ultimately necessary.
    Council instigating a constitutional monarchy? Great.
    Sansa queen in the north? Great.
    Tyrion as Hand and the other small council assignments (including Bronn)? Great.
    Jon joining the Knight’s Watch? WTF is the Knight’s Watch now? Nothing to defend against but still vulnerable from the south? No reason for this to exist and I don’t get why Jon going north of the wall is a good thing or any kind of conclusion.
    Bran as King? Unearned entirely. WTF has Bran been doing since the holding of the door? Was he manipulating everything for his ascension? That’s dark. Was he manipulating everything for the good of the realm? He did a piss poor job then. And who is his successor? That’s always the biggest issue with a consensus ruler, how do you handle the succession? Not even mentioned in passing.
    Drogon flying off? Necessarily convenient.
    Unsullied Sailing of to Naath? Equally convenient, but at least foreshadowed.
    Dothraki? No idea what they did or where they went.
    Surviving Golden Company? Based on the language of the battle of Winterfell 50% must have survived no matter what was shown on screen. Looks like more than 50% of Unsullied survived actually based on that scene with Danny looking over them all.
    Arya heading off to adventure? Fine. WTF was the point of her ability with faces though this season?
  • Why are folks so upset about Jamie?

    Travis said:
    Aren't we meant to think (and this speaks again to the problematic ambiguity) that it wasn't a one night stand, but that they were together for at least a period of time? Didn't some measure of time elapse?

    Doesn't change things all that significantly, but I had completely thought that it was more than a one night stand time wise. I thought we were looking at at least a few days, if not a bit more. 
    From my take on the scene there was clearly some time that took place between the initial night that Jaime and Brienne slept together (the after funeral party) and the point in time that Sansa had learned the news that Raegal and Missandei were killed.  Dany was at that party the night they first hooked up so it's however long it takes for Dany and her traveling group to travel to Dragonstone and then for a raven with the news to leave from Dragonstone to reach Winterfell.  

    [consults logistics from Season 7 Episode 6 Beyond The Wall]

    Looks like all off that would have happened in about a day.

    I know we threw logistics and geography out of the window seasons ago, but if you're going to later imply time passing through the use of them it doesn't work. Can't have it both ways :)

  • Supporters of the Episode 805 The Bells, I have some questions.

    adampasz said:
    Dany did not obliterate Cersei who should have been a direct target. Instead Cersei dies in a tunnel under rocks. This is based on what I’ve seen and not interpretation
    Yeah, I agree the creators made a pretty big mis-step here, and have left us with an interesting mess to ponder.

    This was deliberate. She didn't want Cersei to have a quick death. She wanted Cersei to watch her city burn. She wanted Cersei to suffer.
    Why would anyone be under the illusion that Cersei cared the least bit for the common folk of Kings Landing?
    ken hale
  • 805 - The Bells

    Break the Wheel? My ass: She’s the axle.
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  • 805 - The Bells

    CeciliaM said:
    Ok so about the episode- I thought the tension was great during the moments when you're waiting for the bells to ring, you know the bells are going to ring because everyone says "ring the bells" and then they ring the bells, with Daenerys sitting there on Drogon the whole time, you're thinking... what if she can't hear them? What if she does some kind of loophole where she starts burning down the city before they actually ring the bells even though everybody already knows that the bells are going to ring? But no! She sits there waiting, the bells ring, everyone but Cersei is saved, and then she BURNS DOWN THE CITY ANYWAY! I thought it was a great buildup to that moment.

    I find Arya's survival somewhat unbelievable given what she went through, and I think they could have made it more believable. She's good at getting in and out of situations but if you see dragon fire take her over and then she's still alive.. What? But the scene where she rode away on a horse was kind of cool. And the makeup job they did on her was great.

    Cleganebowl lived up to the hype. Cersei and Jaime dying together has a certain justice. And that's a pretty horrible death, right? Not really a death to sneer at. 

    My 16 year old is sitting next to me asking why she doesn’t just burn the Red Keep to the ground after she’s done with the Golden Company (point of which being in the show was what?) with Cersi in it which is who she really hates anyway? Why bother burning the city itself?

    I struggled to explain it. Basically: she’s “mad”
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