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  • Double D's move to Netflix

    Seems to me that their strengths are adaptation of existing works and managing big productions. If they stick with adapting stuff, then they could be really good.

    If they’ve drank enough of their own koolaide to think they can do original content without the heavy involvement of great writers, then they could crash and burn spectacularly.

    I’m scared for their Staw Wats project, but hopefully Disney can force enough writing depth into the process that it comes out well.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    So because I consider this a safe space to ask questions, is impeachment really a good idea?

    Like, I get why people want it, but it's not going to remove Trump from office as far as I know because the Senate is never going to vote him out.

    If anything, won't this charge his base up and potentially drive people to go out and vote for him in 2020?

    Please direct me if I'm far off here, I just see a lot of headlines, and tweets, and people on Reddit saying impeachment is a foregone conclusion at this point.
    The arguement for impeachment:
    - President has committed high crimes and/or misdemeanors, has violated his oath of office, and is arguably not fit for office therefore it is the House’s duty to impeach.
    - Not impeaching for this behavior is a bad precedent for future Presidencies and Congresses
    - The Democratic Party can’t constantly claim that he’s destroying the institutions of our government, dismantling our foreign policy, is a lying racist, obstructed justice, ignored lawful subpoenas to avoid congressional oversight, etc., while not using the Constitutional tool that they have to try to do something about it without looking feckless and alarmist.
    - While removal is unlikely, there is value in getting GOP Senators on the record choosing not to punish this illegal behavior. That kind of vote will haunt Senators for far longer than the Trump presidency lasts.
    - Trump probably has even odds of winning a second term and it would be tougher to impeach for behavior that took place before a re-election because the arguement could correctly be made that the people had their say about the behavior already so impeachment would look more like a nakedly political move to subvert the will of the people.
    - What If Trump wins the Presidency and the Republicans take back the House in 2020? The Democrats would regret not taking all possible action when they could.

    The arguement against impeachment:
    - Fires-up the Trump base and could increase turnout for the GOP in 2020 making re-election more likely.
    - Puts new Democrat Congresspeople from moderate/conservative districts in an impossible situation and could cost them their seats which could cost the Democrats the House majority.
    - President Mike Pence.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Mueller being compelled to testify by subponea is going to be anticlimactic for everyone. They won’t be able to rattle him into saying more than he intends to.

    Get ready for answers like:
    - I’d refer you to the Special Council report submitted as my testimony for that answer.
    - I have nothing to add on that subject beyond what is in the Special Council report
    - I won’t entertain hypothetical questions
    - I won’t speculate as to the outcome of other investigations either now or in the future
    - I won’t comment as to the the obligations of the executive or legislative branches of government
    - I don’t draw conclusions on the fitness or competence of those under investigation or supervising the investigation
    - It is not by duty to interpret the Constitution
    - I won’t comment on communications or actions within the DoJ, I’d refer you to the Attorney General’s office for that
    - My motivation/background/character speaks for itself and I’m not here to defend it or justify my intentions

  • HBO's Euphoria

    My alternate conspiracy theory is that the resurgence in heroin use following the introduction and heavy marketing of OxyContin in the late 90s. Probably a bit of both with resurgent demand from opioid pain medication misuse and new supply lines opened by the logistics of the war on terror.
    Hatorianken hale
  • I just watched The Pilot for the first time...(Spoilers for it all!)

    Okay, so the biggest question I have for people is what is the consensus on Nora telling the truth at the end? My gut reaction was to believe her. Honestly, I didn't even question it until the podcast. I think I equated it to Kevin asking her if he took care of the Patty situation in season 2 and came back, would she believe him? It is an unbelievable story but so is like 90% of the other shit that happened in this show.

    Was she lying?
    I settled on that she believes it and he believes her and that’s enough.

    Could be total bullshit and she just convinced herself of it over the years or whatever. It is absolutely no more ridiculous than the events of International Assassin in season 2, an episode I never tire of, and I believe that Kevin experienced those event whether or not they were “real.”