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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Wait! There is a river between Juárez and El Paso also. It’s the rivers that stop crime! 
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    jleav382 said:
    jleav382 said:
    jleav382 said:
    Not all Republicans or conservatives are this evil monster that the other side speaks of. Heck, I like to think not all democrats are crazy.  It’s not fun reading on here and being painted as a racist or a sexist because you are a conservative and or republican. Hypocrisy and stereotyping ain’t too far from those accusations.  I do hope as the moderator promised, posts will be checked for such ridiculousness.  The midterms are over and, shocker, the house has flipped.  This happens all the time.  It’s encouraging to see a lot more citizens  voting.  
    The extremes of both parties have forced me to disassociate myself with them entirely, 10 years ago I was strongly in the Democrat camp and generally opposed conservative views, but once the extremists came in and started labeling even just small disagreements as hate speech as a means of controlling political narrative I thought was a bit immature and I thought made the left look really ridiculous, hence my divorce with the party. I don't know what I would consider myself now other than a libertarian. There are honestly views from both sides that I agree and disagree with. Wondering if anybody else finds themselves in that boat too. 

    Which small disagreements got labelled as hate speech?
    Well for example if you're a father who is a part of a mens group that fights for 50% shared custody of children, that doesn't make you an anti-feminist or anti-female, you're just a man who wants to see his children. 
    I'm not attacking you or looking for an argument, but almost every single time this type of argument gets put forward it crumbles under closer scrutiny.  Obviously there's nothing wrong with men wanting to/fighting to see their children, and when you juxtapose that perfectly reasonable position with people shouting misogynist against such a group it makes one side look rational and the other crazy.  What happens though (often, but not always) is that when we look beyond the surface is that these mens's rights groups have problems that go well beyond their public outfacing image of holding a reasonable position - and it's those underlying issues that people are responding to.  It's gaslighting on the part of the men's rights group to say "all we want is to see our kids" and making the other side seem crazy.

    We see similar things all the time with groups like the Proud Boys.  They make reasonable statements about how they aren't racist - they even have some black/brown/asian/gay etc members - all they care about is their "history", "culture" or whatever other euphamism is in style at the time.   They present what sound like perfectly reasonable statements like "it's ok to be white" - who could argue with that? - but the reaction that it provokes isn't a reaction to the notion of the Ok-ness of being white, its the gaslighting that it actually represents.
    While I do largely agree with you on this point, I would counter that with malicious intent can be found just about anywhere if you look closely enough for it at just the right angle. 

    There are definitely some nuts on the left, but there's a pattern of a small number of things getting amplified by the right to make the craziness of the left look more extreme and more common than it actually is.  Have I seen feminists say incredibly stupid things?  Yup.  Do I think those those things in anyway represent feminism?  Not a chance....but the right loves to seize on them, blow them up and use them to discredit the entire notion of feminism.  They do this enough times where it creates the impression that 'feminists complain about everything' and 'well then, if that's sexist then everything is sexist' - it's become a blanket way of dismissing legitmate problems.  They've essentially normalized brushing aside concerns for marginalized people.  They've used a handful of crazy examples to create the refrain of "well then, everything is racist", "everything is sexist", "everything is homophobic" etc to create apathy against peopel who raise concerns over real examples of sexism, racism & homophobia.
    A healthy right and a healthy left with slow-moving compromise makes for a healthier government.

    While there will always be fringe whack-jobs on both sides, the right has become unhealthy to an extreme over the last 10yrs. The fringe has become mainstream: Birtherism, Begazi conspiracy, Trump on Infowars during campaign, QAnon, Anti-Trade Isolationsim, Deficits Don’t Matter, What-Aboutism (Her emails! Obama lied that one time!, Judges and Deregulation excuse all, etc.), MS-13, Antifa, embarrassing Charlottesville reaction, slow David Duke reaction, Tucker Carlson, Steve King, Sheriff Joe, Judge Moore, Chris Collins, Duncan Hunter, etc.

    The right needs a reset where the adults get involved again and lead the base rather than feeding it ever-increasing quantities of red meat and fear to gin-up the vote to maintain power with minority, and shrinking, support while propaganda tells them that an invisible, and growing, majority are actually supportive. They have become a prisoner of the rabid base that they’ve created.

    Sometimes the mythical “silent majority” is silent because it isn’t actually real.
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  • Investment thread

    Hatorian said:
    Short sterling and then get ready to go long when Brexit actually happens. 
    It’s not the same situation but when the Swiss Franc broke from the Euro it rose like 40 cents. Anyone who shorted the Euro with some serious leverage could have been an instant millionaire. 

    Holding a 10K leveraged short on that position would have netted something crazy. It wouldn’t be impossible to make a million bucks on the trade if you heavily leveraged multi-thousand dollars 

    Its not not the same situation with Brexit but if you play the right position man...cha Ching.

    the problem is if you play the wrong position and you get over leveraged and margin called you could potentially owe your broker serious dough. When the Eur/CFH happened it was instant. And even if you held a stop loss you most likely got closed well below your stop loss.

    Even if you only invest 10k you could find yourself closed at a -90k position and then you got Lawyers coming for your assets..
    This kind of trading is a rich-man’s game. No stop loss can help if an equity or exchange rate gaps-up or gaps-down against you on significant news. For the sterling a hard Brexit would likely hurt, a last minute deal or delay of Brexit could work the other way.

    I’d develop a get-rich slow strategy and then only pursue high-risk options with excess money over and above implementing that strategy (without risking assets in that slower strategy).
  • 301 & 302: "The Great War and Modern Memory" & "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"

    rhcoop said:
    I've got a feeling the main character's wife is the killer for some reason.  I just got a vibe from her.  She's also getting involved with one of the lead investigators, be pretty easy to lead them along on a desired path if you are that close to the people running the case. 
    I agree. Something seems shady about her. I also think the cousin is a red herring and Will is the creep that made the hole in the closet.  So maybe she was on to him and was protecting Julia.
    I’m also getting a bad vibe about Amelia. Maybe Hays found out about a connection in the 1990 timeline and has since forgotten it in the modern timeline, but still has a feeling he needs to protect her from something.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    The wall evolution is interesting:
    - All concrete from sea to shining sea and Mexico will pay for it
    - All concrete, but we’re going to have to pay for it. Don’t worry though, we’ll get them to pay indirectly
    - Maybe it’ll be a solar wall, that’d be cool, it will pay for itself!
    - Parts of the Wall will be see-through because we need to know what’s going on on the other side. No, it’s not a fence! No fences! Great tall beautiful wall. And, uh, we’re going to need to pay for it... for now...
    - Steel Slats! It’s going to be a beautiful wall of steel slats with pointy tips. I know it’s not like the multimillion dollar sample walls I had built, but that’s okay. No, it’s not a fence, sure “they” will call it that and I don’t care. It’s a wall! And stop asking me who will pay for it, this magic tweak to NAFTA that hasn’t been ratified yet and doesn’t include any money coming into the treasury will pay for it. Also, did I mention, it’s already mostly done! “They” won’t tell you that, bit it’s basically almost done. Pics? I don’t send pics without an NDA.
    - Border Security! What I really want is border security, but that has to include a wall, because that has always worked for thousands of years, and the wall may also be a fence in places, but there will be a barrier. Done? Oh yeah, a lot is done, but I’m going to need a lot more cash from the taxpayers to really finish it or to show you some hot pics.
    - Wall? What wall? Oh that thing. When I say “wall” it’s really just a metaphor for border security. I need lots of cash for border security or nobody in the Dept of Homeland Security or Justice Department or Immigration Courts gets paid! That’s how serious I am about border security. Oh and also there will be a barrier, “they” can call it whatever they want.

    You see, in the end he will spin this enough that he can convince himself that the Democrats compromising from $1.3billion for border security, the same level it was already at, to like $1.6billion with specific language banning new barrier construction though allowing upgrades and completion of already approved barriers, which is what is already in place, is a win for his “wall” which was just a metaphor anyway. Then he’ll really upgrade a section of wall between San Diego and Tijuana and post pics and incorporate it into campaign videos declaring victory.

    We’ll see if Limbaugh and Coulter and the Steve King let it slide this time. I doubt it, and the Democrats certainly won’t, but everything they say is fake anyway so who cares?