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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Alkaid13 said:
    There’s a very simple solution to all of this actually. Everyone should just admit that the private email server was never a real issue to begin with and that everyone who thought it was a disqualification of Hillary Clinton was wrong and dumb and we’ll never talk about it again because it so obviously never mattered. It doesn’t matter with Ivanka, it didn’t matter with Clinton, it will never matter in the future as a serious political issue and everyone who treated it like it ever was a serious political issue was being facetious, and that includes news organizations, politicians, and regular old people. You were all wrong and you should feel bad, but now that you recognize your obvious error in judgement I forgive you for your mistakes and we can all move forward and focus on actual issues that actually matter. 
    Agree. Ideally Ivanka should issue an apology for using private email for government business, and if no breach of classified information or anything occurred we should move on except perhaps to throw the apology and a picture of Ivanka up on a screen every time the President talks about Hillary and her emails, or participates in a stupid lock-her-up chant (which is so disturbing for the chief law enforcement to do anyway, it shouldn’t be normalized).

    Now If Trump is using an unsecured phone that is actively compromised by Russian and Chinese intelligence as has been reported, and of course which he has denied, that seems more problematic and warrants further investigation.

    Democrats have to pick their battles and if they go full Ivanka witch hunt on this it just brings the debate down to Trumpian levels. It’s a punch-line demonstrating GOP hypocrisy at this point, not some scandalous crime.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    I’m a big fan of ranked choice also. Let’s you vote your conscience without being an irrational spoiler for common sense. It would also be good for third-parties as more would vote for them if they knew that it wouldn’t swing the election to a candidate that they oppose.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Trump says that the Secret Service refused his request to drive to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetary forcing him to instead stay inside all day to watch TV and tweet.

    He also didn’t make the 10min drive from The White House to Arlington National Cemetary for the Veterans Day Ceremony, instead he stayed inside all day watching TV and tweeting. He hasn’t yet blamed anyone for this absence, but I’m sure that will be coming later in the week.

    This day-to-day disrespect, lying, and finger-pointing isn’t a huge issue with Trump as it would be for any other President because of the sheer volume of larger deceptions on larger issues, but it shouldn’t be left alone either. Doesn’t take much time to get the Secret Service to disclose their reasoning in France, and would allow them to defend themselves against the slight without inappropriately speaking out in a proactive way.

    It all adds up and will be useful to have on record for 2020.
    Criticized Obama for golfing and wouldn’t have time for that if he was President: Golfs more than any President.
    Huge ass-kisser of the military and loves “his generals”: hasn’t visited military in war zones, watches TV instead of attending military ceremonies, just cancelled a trip to visit active military he deployed in Texas to fight the invasion from Honduras, wouldn’t lower flags for McCain, etc., etc.
    Said he’d be a President for all initially, and when he needs to more recently, but hasn’t visited disaster areas in states that voted against him.
    Who will pay for the wall? You will
    Who will be locked up? Members of his campaign and administration
    Who should you vote for in AL? A pedophile.
    Who gets all the cedit? He does (remember “you didn’t build this”)
    Who gets all the blame? Everyone else.

    It’s going to be the smaller things that get into the shells of his supporters and may eventually make them question that they may have been conned by some slick East Coast Elite Pretender who tells them what they want to hear while doing whatever the hell he wants. He is, under it all, as Bill Maher says “a whiny little bitch” not your tough guy in DC.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Part of the conservative position that you can’t trust locally elected state officials to handle state functions, the federal government must get involved to make sure it’s done right...
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    earman22 said:
    Ok, so this thing Jim and A' A-Ron (K&P reference) talking about the manipulation of video in our political landscape is coming to fruition. Did anyone see Sarah Huckabee Sanders use an infowars doctored clip of the Jim Acosta (CNN reporter)? They added frames and made it appear as if he was aggressively pushing her arm down prior to her taking the mic. Someone showed side by side frame per frame of how the original footage was changed. This is getting out of hand. I don't know when it will stop. On a side note, it's kind of a sad state of affairs that I've completely changed my world lens view of essentially categorizing angry and non-negotiable and unwilling to talk to people...people into Republicans. And higher intelligent, willing to talk things out, logical people into the Democratic category. It's astonishingly very accurate, i'd say over 85%. Now, am I crazy? I've never viewed myself as a Democrat until around the 2nd Obama administration (due to the mass amount of hate created on the Repub side during his first 4 years). Granted, I'm also in a midsize Texas town (100k or so), and we had about 80% of votes turned in from our county as Republican. I feel like I'm almost to the point to where I'm just fed up and want to pack the kids up and head north (not quite Canada, but close in case I need to)

    Anyways, there's just some random thoughts. I love you guys (in a completely platonic manner), been a listener since I started watching Game of Thrones live around the middle of Season 4. I can listen to you guys talk about anything. Thanks for all you do!

    Most conservatives are generally reasonable and thoughtful folks so I would be wary of lumping them all in with the GOP in its current state.

    The arguement for smaller government with lower taxes and less interference isn’t irrational and that is what the libertarian wing of the GOP stood for. Environmentalism is a natural aspect of conservatism (conservation...) and the EPA was created under Nixon who couldn’t be described as a liberal progressive.

    The movement has been sold out by some initially fringe elements (I’d include Goldwater in this) and then sold out more by some cynical alliances to become a viable national party. They adopted the old “Southern Strategy” after the Democrats abandoned it with JFK/LBJ bringing a lot of racist elements to the table. They hugged the Christian Conservatives in the 70s/80s bringing in a lot of anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-drug, views into the party even while they conflict with a more libertarian philosophy. They made the environment a party issue just to oppose the Democrats and to collect some sweet corporate cash that was just sitting on the barrel head. The immigration thing is hard to figure out given Saint Reagan’s amnesty for millions and GWB’s compassionate conservatism attempts to address the problem in the 2000s.

    The healthcare thing really just looks like racism at this point with the ACA being founded in conservative market principles with the necessary evil of a mandate required to address the preexisting condition problem (otherwise any sane person would just buy insurance when they got sick and not bother with it otherwise). The lie if it being a small government arguement was exposed with the GOP embrace of preexisting condition coverage without any way to make it work (abetted by the weird blanket military spending exception to shrinking the government).

    The current GOP has become the party of anti-truth with fringe conspiracy theories now mainstream and denial of any evidence against its positions as fake becoming standard operating procedure while a bunch of philosophically conservative folks hold their noses and engage with people they would not associate with in order to put some wins on the board.

    It has also become the party of grievance where owning the Libs is a goal instead of a happy side effect.

    It’s sad really. The real debate about taxation, regulation, the role of government, the goals for society, inequality, safety nets, etc. is drowned out by outrage grounded in fiction.

    We are cooking ourselves with climate change. Wealth inequality is skyrocketing. The deficits are exploding. The healthcare system is a bad deal compared to everywhere else. Higher education is out of reach for many unless they want to mortgage their futures while jobs for the undereducated are drying up and paying less. Immigrants, documented or not, really do commit less crime than native-born Americans. Where are the real solutions from the right?