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  • The Queen's Gambit (Netflix)

    No Spoilers
    I couldn't get enough of this show, and I am tempted to watch it a second time because everything else seems to pale by comparison.

    The chess in this show is legit! Garry Kasparov and Bruce Pandolfini were advisors, and the games were adapted from classic games of the era. There are a bunch of YouTube videos analyzing the key matches presented on the show. 
    If you don't know chess, it works too... and maybe will inspire you to learn. The filmmakers came up with pretty much every possible way to make chess cinematic.

    Every single character is so clearly defined, and well-acted. I wanted to learn more about even the most minor characters. I felt each episode could have been expanded to a full season.
    Great period detail. I would put it in the same category as The Americans and Mad Men in the way it completely transports you to another time.
    And, as everyone else has said, ATJ gives a breakout performance.

    I wish there would be a season 2. They could do a prequel or a sequel. ;)

  • Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Show Premiere Episode 1 only (spoilers) HBOMAX

    I loved the Lamia reference.

    I also loved the Mithraists and their Larper outfits... one of them even says he is a "Cleric". The Mithraists seem totally incongruous and cheesy, and it's hard to say why it worked so well for me. Maybe my take-away is, to endure on a generation-spanning space mission, the travelers would indeed become more cult-like and bizarre over time. (The Expanse presents similar ideas.)

    Finally, shout out to I Am Mother, an interesting Netflix film from a year ago, which explored a very similar themes. It was covered on a Bald Move podcast.
  • Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Show Premiere Episode 1 only (spoilers) HBOMAX

    Just finished episode 1 for free on YouTube. I thought it was cheesy at first, but it gets better as it goes along.

    I strongly recommend not watching the trailer ahead of time.

    This would be a good show for the guys to cover. Seems like it would be right up their alley.

  • Eddie Murphy is hosting SNL tonight

    Eddie Murphy was like a force of nature back in the day. Crazy he never returned to host. He must have left on pretty bad terms.

    Glad to see him back. And glad he brought his A-game.
  • POSITIVE Star Wars Episode 9 SPOILERS Thread

    I think a lot of the critical panning of ROS is reactionary to what happened in TLJ. Critics either not wanting to be caught liking something the public didnt or critics with a grudge because of the backlash against TLJ.

    Not that people cant dislike either. I disliked tlj. But every single bit of criticism the watch guys make of ROS applies just as equally to TLJ. At one point they complain about the boundlessness of rey's power, but tlj's conclusion includes a cross galaxy astral projection of luke.
    Makes me think of Roger Ebert being pilloried for loving Phantom Menace.  To some degree Star Wars movies are a Rorschach Test. You get what you bring to it. TPM is also, oddly, my 83 year-old Dad's favorite Star Wars for reasons I will never understand. But his love for the movie is legitimate, and I am, in a way, jealous of the connection he has with it.